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[WIP] Altodorf, capital of THE Empire

MorrgansMorrgans Traveler
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So.. after 30 month of gaming we are in the final part of the enemy within campaign. And again I struggle with a map of a city. The final installment has quite a high political part in it, playing in and around Altodrf, the capital city of the biggest human nation on the continent, the Empire. It is a time of canons and rising steam power in some obscure scientific circles, but aparently the people did not come up with the basic tenents of defensive structures: ditches. (to borrow a meme from back then: build more ditches, more ditches. --> this guy (Roel Konijnendijk ) here phrased it perfactly no ditch, no ramparts -- ooch - even in the new material. The last time I used Ferraris, to redo Bögenhaven, so this time around I am going for Panorama City (CA 103) mixed with other stuff (mainly Ferraris and Renaissance (CA 158, CA 151))

My main inspiration comes from the Hogenberg Map of Florence -->

Altdorf is where the two biggest rivers in the Empire meet. Its skyline is dominated by the imperial palace, the cathedral of the church of Sigmar (both are located in the western part of the city) and (most of) the imperial colleges of magic (northern part of the city, near the wall)

Source of my map is going to be the new one from the Altdorf supplement, with the point and direction of view noted by the red arrow:

So far I have some surrounding fields, the river (at least the symbols) and a handdrawn scetch where I want to have the important buildings.

So how does it look:

Keeping you posted.



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