Creating Floorplan Templates for CD3

Hi Everyone.

I have a very simple Question, and i might overlooked the Elephant in the Room.

Is it possible to create a CD3 Floorplan Template for a given Symbol/Draw Set?

In my Example i would like to generate "Symbol Set 3 v3 - Modern" Floorplans from CD3.

The CD3 Manual states [CD3_Essentials.pdf, p.32], that one could obtain new Templates from the Website, but i dont know where.

Thanks in Advance!



  • MonsenMonsen Administrator 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer

    Technically, you can just chuck any template into @Templates\Cities\Floorplans to use that style. Note that it does look for certain tools to set the fill/sheet/other properties of the walls/floors it draws as part of the floorplan (The Wall, Default and Floor, Default tools), so if those tools aren't present, they will just use a solid fill instead, but the shape will be drawn, so you can just use change properties

  • Thanks for your quick Response. That worked exactly as intended!

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