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Not able to use the print option.


I need help :)

I've been able to export my maps as JPEGS without any problems. And I think I've gotten around to finding the right size for battlemaps for the actual JPEG.

However, I'd like to avoid using a 3rd party program to split the jpeg to fit a3, I'd much rather have cc3+ do it, but, when I use the print option the print window and cc3 ends up hanging and not responding, and I have to close the program.

When I use the print wizard, I do not get to print, as it crashes before I click print, while setting up the last settings.

I use the microsoft print to pdf option, as I do not own a printer at home.

Any suggestions?




  • RalfRalf 🖼️ 16 images Mapmaker Administrator, ProFantasy

    Try going into the settings for the PDF printer and reducing the DPI settings of the document. By default these are set to very high, and that can overwhelm the system on a large scale print.

    You can also try printing to a one page PDF, and let the Adobe Viewer handle the poster printing across multiple pages. It does a good job at that.

  • Thanks, I saw somewhere else on the forum 'leave it, as it can take ages'. So I did. And lo and behold. my eight year old pc managed to fix it up as a pdf.

    I've got a minor and a major problem.

    The minor one is that it includes the map beyond the map border, is there a setting I just have to check?

    The major one is the 5ft grid did not get drawn, again, do you guys know if I'm missing a checkbox somewhere?

  • Most grid sheets have a transparency effect. You might want to uncheck that for a print.

    I don't see a 'limit to map border' setting in the print dialog. Someone else will have to answer that.

  • Thanks Jim,

    I think I've sorted out the grid. I found another post where you change properties on the grid to a larger linewidth. I did that and it printed.

    I read the manual on the printing part and it seems you just need to fix the view in cc3 before printing. So I'm messing around with that now.

  • I have ran into printing issue with the Windows to PDF printer myself so What I do now is design the map size so it can be broken into smaller printable parts the size of the paper. Once the map is complete I create a sheet called cut lines and use the grid, snap, ortho functions to draw cut lines on the sheet. I then just export each cut section naming then as row and column like 1A , 1B etc and then print them out. It takes a little additional work but in the long run it's less frustration and you know where the cuts will be. This also helps if you have an area where some thing might change like a trap and you can change the sheets to show the difference and just reexport that cut section that has two versions.

  • RalfRalf 🖼️ 16 images Mapmaker Administrator, ProFantasy

    Yeah, Zoom to the area you want to print in CC3+, then make sure to use "Active Window" as the view to print.

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