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Shadows of Yog-Sothoth

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Hi Folks,

As I've started (March this year) getting into Call of Cthulhu, a friend and I went halves in the 40th Anniversary Classic Edition 2" Box set which includes a wealth of goodies and is a re-printed version of the 1981 2nd edition of the game and a handful of supplements, one of them being the eponymous, Shadows of Yog-Sogothoth; a globe trotting campaign to save humanity from the Old Ones deprivations...

Anyhow, I'm going to run this for my gaming group and thought I'd update the maps for it. I'll post their WIPs and final versions here.

To begin with, the initial ground floor of the mansion used as headquarters for The Silver Twilight... this is scaled for VTT use...

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  • ScottAScottA Surveyor

    Very nice. There's an updated CoC7 edition of Shadows in the works. The original campaign is much more cohesive and MUCH expanded. Not sure when it will be out though.

  • Did you go for the HPLHS boxed set of props as well? Not a cheap addition if you've already gone halves on the two-inch 40th anniversary boxed set, but it does add to the mix quite nicely (there are a few gaps and oddities among the props, though nothing insurmountable in what I've come across so far; I am a LONG way from going through them all, however!).

  • @ScottA I didn't hear about that. Is there mention of it in the forums? So, It'll be like Horror on the Orient Express and Masks of Nyarlathotep then? I'm not sure how I feel about buying the updated version... Chaosium, from what I've seen so far, release free to download accessory packs, handouts, NPC digests, maps etc., for their scenarios. I don't mind re-doing the maps (at least done in CC+ I'll know they're scaled correctly!). If that gets released before I actually run it, I'll probably just download that for the NPC stats and run the version i have. Thankfully, if it isn't released, it's not hard to update that stats side of things. I was thinking of running it using Pulp Cthulhu anyhow...

    @Wyvern No, we didn't go that far. If, as a group, we were interested in that, I'd obviously chip in, but I'm not buying it of my own accord, far too much money for an individual purchase - I already spend enough. I just got the 7E Keepers Screen pack for Father's Day...

  • I'm just a sucker for boxed sets, I think!

    The updated "Shadows" sounds very much in the pattern of "Horror" and "Masks". There are definitely things in some of these older scenarios that benefit from updating, reflecting modern sensibilities and changed attitudes since they were originally written. Plus the expanded features in both have been fascinating to see, so I'd expect an updated Shadows would be equally good (especially as I suspect I know at least one of the people heavily involved in its preparation!).

    Not sure I'm quite ready for an updated HPLHS props set to go with Shadows yet though - I haven't got through the props for the 40th anniversary reissue version yet!

  • Well that is very interesting. When I finish the initial maps, I might send an enquiry to Chaosium with a link to my galleries here with a view to potentially getting a commission or 2...

  • ScottAScottA Surveyor

    There has been some talk of it on FB. It has been playtested and Chaosium is "letting it simmer" so I'm not sure when it will be out. Yes, it will be more like the other big campaigns. I'm the author of the new edition (humbly), so I can tell you it is twice the size of the original, and all of those annoying bits in the original have been cleaned up and the differnt parts strung together better. There are also new chapters set in various locations around the globe.

  • Well, I shall have to keep an eye out for it then. The problem is, as I'm sure you'd appreciate, there are only so many adventures one can run. At the moment, with one group, we've just finished CH1 of A Cold Fire Within (with me as Keeper), when we finish that, one of the players, if you're in the UK you may know or heard of him, Nigel Clarke, has Two Headed Serpent which he is going to run for us.

    For the other group, we primarily play Pathfinder (which is a bit, meh, as far as I'm concerned but I play to hang out with the guys) and when the regular GM is unavailable, I'm starting to run Cthulhu games and it's this group I was looking at 'Shadows' for.

    Then of course, there's the additional cost; I assume it will be around $60-90 AUD for the PDF and double that for dead-tree version, when I already have a copy - albeit an 'inferior', and I use the term kindly here, version - it's a little hard to justify to the Ministry of Finances...

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    Here's a bit of an update...

    I'm going to have to look at some other symbol sets to keep the rooms as per the descriptions as much as possible.

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  • ScottAScottA Surveyor

    I certainly understand the constraints of time and money. I'm in the US, actually. I don't know what price point Chaosium will put on the revised and expanded Shadows. It isn't as big a campaign as Masks or Orient Express, so it won't be as much as those other big books.

  • I don't know what price point Chaosium will put on the revised and expanded Shadows. It isn't as big a campaign as Masks or Orient Express, so it won't be as much as those other big books.

    But if the H P Lovecraft Historical Society do another boxed set of props to go with it... 😏🤑

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