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What Styles are in Battlemaps Collection and Floorplans?

I bought a bundle at some point in the past. It has a Battle Map and Floorplan Collection as well as Dungeons and Floorplans. The description says the Battle Maps are two styles. The Dungeons says six styles.

The Battle Maps actually mention the names of multiple places. Things like the Dread Dungeon or Razoredge Gorge. I am assuming those are the names of the sample maps included in the style.

Anyway, since I have these installed, I have no idea which styles are in these packs. I am wanting to try my hand at making Battle Maps so I wanted to start with this collection. I have a Battle Map, Deluxe Battle Map, Fantasy Tavern's and Naomi's Floorplans. Not sure if that is for this collection or not.

Anyway, any idea of what is included in these two style packs from the Bundle?


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