my quick ice bit CA189, not a cavern though

I made more of a river into a bay than a cave, not much refinement. Probably need to tone down some of the cliff/glacier effects. Took just a few minutes to do this.

Trees and rocks.

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    Looks nice. Can't wait to have that ice break beneath the feet of a player attempting to fight a monster on it.

  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 275 images Cartographer
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    Added an ice island with a tree and remains. Three floes in the river. One darker and dirty looking. Ash from an upstream fire ?

    larger in gallery.

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  • Oops. The skeletal remains were on the wrong sheet. Fixed it.

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  • What it really needs is something swimming down in the depths, which is why the remains are on the island. The being didn't want to risk it. Could be human, or an ogre remains.

  • Shadows seem a bit long on the rocks and boulders Jim, as if they're all (even the tiny ones) the same height as the trees. Also, the shadows from the cliffs are somewhat weaker than the other map objects, which looks odd.

  • Yeah. That did look odd to me.

    I can put the rocks on a separate sheet.

  • Aha ! Wall shadow on the cliff was set for 40%. Set now to 50% opacity like everything else.

    Rocks moved to their own sheet with less length shadows.

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  • Thinking of working on some area upstream of the above.

    And 1.4K likes. Yippeee !

  • A preliminary cave system. Upper cave, inhabited. Lower cave, they didn't survive.

    I wrote this poem over ten years ago, I feel it is appropriate.

    title: Winter Sunset

    paleolithic, but not scientific, just my imagination.

    [ Copyright by me, 2003. All Rights Reserved. ]

    The sunset for winter,

    the last one for many days,

    was upon the cave people.

    Outliers arrived,

    from their smaller,

    less defensible,

    smaller storage caves,

    for the past several days.

    The leaves were falling,

    the wind was brisk,

    a distant sound,

    of saber tooth tigers,


    Mammoths' wool,

    thicker this year,

    lets prepare,

    for extra snow.

    The thorn fence is in place,

    the opening is guarded,

    by Swift One and

    his pal,

    Big Spearman.

    They took out the last saber tooth,

    to attempt to get in,

    during the last Winter Night,

    made a pleasant relief,

    from dried mammoth meat.

    A patrol of hunters,

    went out to sweep the Valley,

    some smaller families are missing,

    the early arrivals,

    having not yet appeared,

    and the ones always last,

    came yesterday.

    Hope Too-Lazy remembered,

    to carry his spear,

    point backwards,

    you shoulda seen the look on his face,

    when the wolf jumped at his back,

    that spear point,

    startled the wolf to,

    Too-Lazy survive,

    but not the wolf.

    Smell-Far comes out of the cave,

    she shout, "People blood on the air !

    Hunters Up and Out !"

    Then they arrive,

    after we get all hunters and learners,

    in place,

    what left of 5 families,

    saber teeths got the rest.

    Well, we make sweep of Valley,

    come Spring,

    some of the youngers,

    need spear throw practice,

    we teach sabers we not food !

    They all in now,

    behind the thorn fence,

    those that gonna make it,

    lets hope for the best.

    Maybe some still out there,

    trying to get Home,

    but we gotta get the fence closed,

    before the Darkness settles in...

    Things walk in the Night,

    some of it saber teeth,

    some wolves,

    Mammoth blunder about,

    maybe something else out there,

    it big, we leave it alone.

    Ha ! Too-Lazy made it !

    Got 4 People with him,

    one broken arm,

    rest cut up,

    we look after them,

    4 hunters go out behind them,

    some saber teeths back off,

    we learn their markings,

    so can take them out in the Spring.

    We smile at them,

    they smile back,

    we laugh,

    they not like that,

    and move off.

    Close thorn fence,

    Too-Lazy say are no more coming,

    we remember them in Spring,

    and then hunt for saber teeths,

    that think People meat easy to have.

    We teach them stay away from us,

    or learn to live with fewer numbers,

    like we did,

    in the past.

    Spearmen watch the cliff above,

    others watch around thorn fence,

    we do better than 5 winters ago,

    more survive.

    Singer walks out of Home Cave,

    to sing good-bye to Sunset,

    we will not see it for many days.

    She sings of birds,

    travel and hoping,

    of mammoth slow walk across land,

    of quick saber teeths and wolves,

    fighting for the spoils,

    of our hunts.

    She sings of the bright dots in sky,

    at night, glistening like fires,

    of Old Ones,

    those who live and die before us live.

    She sings of the lonesome time,

    when we were few, now we many,

    maybe we survive now,

    teach saber teeth to stay away.

    The Sun lowers behind mountains,

    Darkness comes on snow feet,

    tiny flakes slowly spin out,

    of gathering darkness.

    Spring be here by and by,

    but now it is Winter Night.

    Stay close to the fire,

    we have enough to eat this winter,

    more of us not get killed,

    by wolves and saber teeth,

    Tamer, he say he has

    tamed some wolves,

    to help guard,

    we see if that true,

    and if they good with us,

    during the Hunt.

    Winter Night here,

    feel the Darkness,

    like spider web,

    on face.

    We pull thorns and pile rocks,

    about Cave entrance,

    and settle in,

    for long Winter Sleep.

    Spring arrive,

    we teach sabers lesson,

    they not soon forget.

    Too-Late brought a skin with him,

    what Smart-Tak have found,

    before he got eaten,

    it full of flints,

    ready to be made into points

    and knives.

    Lul-Sar bring bundle of sticks,

    they be made into spears,

    over the winter.

    Saber teeth get surprise,

    next Spring.

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    I hope you like the poem.

    Wolves coming out of the trees, Northwest corner; added compass rose and scale bar; added trees and sleeping furs. A few clouds from Alyssa Faden annual. Along with 3 areas for fresh water fishing.

    Added the shellfish. So, a newer map.

    LoopysueOverCriticalHit[Deleted User]pablo gonzalezRicko Hasche
  • Is there somewhere I could put this in the Atlas ?

    They likely need work for thst.


  • Thank you to both.

    Autocorrect... I typed to and both as one word, it changed it to toothpick. Argh.

  • I'll call this, temporarily, Part A.

    A group of white wolves at the top of the map, and a group of gray wolves at the bottom. Two gray wolves out by the bridge.

    I'll call this, temporarily, Part B. Added two caves, scale bar, and a compass rose.

    Further upstream. Two groups of wolves, on opposite sides of the river. Two very large crabs out in the deep part.

    WyvernLoopysue[Deleted User]
  • Bit confused by the wolves, Jim. Are they meant as animal markers like the fish, crabs and shells (I'm assuming they're meant as markers anyway), or groups of actual creatures? I ask as their numbers suggest the latter. If so though, there should be tracks in the snow leading up to them as well.

  • Actual animals. I'll have to look for track symbols.

  • You might try the track drawing tools in Sue's "Winter Village" Annual issue from earlier this year Jim. It's the same fills as this one, I think.

  • I'll check into it. Thanks.

  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 275 images Cartographer
    edited September 2022

    I don't see any tracks in symbols or bitmap fills. Maybe I can use some brown land bitmap fill to make some tracks... I don't know how, but I'll try later in the week.

  • No, they're done as drawing tools Jim, not symbols or bitmaps. I think Ralf demonstrated how they work on the live video for the style back at the start of March.

  • I look in there and see 2022 Winter Village: Road default of different widths, terrain, and water.

    Road, mud 2.5' could be it ?

    I tried it, but I would have to make footprints. Maybe use broken line.

    Here are two paths, they sort of disappear. I'll attach the fcw. They go from near the top border, under the three wolves at the top.

  • Yeah, I think it's a lack of the right Sheet Effects Jim. Try looking at the Winterbourne Langton sample FCW that comes with the Winter Village pack, and see how the narrow footpaths have been done there (on the ROADS Sheet). Those are a near analogue to what I was thinking of here.

    For the final wolf tracks, however, you might need to be creative, and draw some suitable polygons to get the look right for footprints dragging through the snow at this scale, rather than using drawn lines. Try playing around with the Effects first though.

    I can't offer a great deal more precisely, as the wolves are showing up as rectangular red Xs for me on the FCW. I thought I'd reloaded all this free stuff a while ago, but I got a number of red Xs on Quenten's Vertshusen city map for the recent mapping contest too, so I must have missed some stuff. I've never used these non-PF symbols though, so it's not really worthwhile my going through the involved rigmarole to try to load them all up again. Sorry!

  • No problem. I did import the effects and fills from one of the Winter Village maps. I'll check more later this week. My internet connection is a problem again.

  • Well, my ability to connect to a website has been very difficult. I found a timeout timer in Firefox. Mine was set to Boolean for some reason. It is now set to a number, and I can actually get somewhere easier.

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