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Community Atlas - Vertshusen City - Vlad's Dive.

Here is the floorplans of Vlad's dive in Vertshusen city. it is NOT a competition entry, but is situated on the island in the river.

The main reason for doing it is because I am running a version of Night's Dark Terror in my world, set in the city of Thredeos in the country of Mivlis. Thredeos is of course, Vertshusen with different names.

Here is the write-up for the building.

Vlad’s Dive

This seedy dive is surprisingly clean, apart from the basement where the wererats sleep on filthy beds. There are always three thugs in room b, but unless alerted, they will be asleep. Room d is the kitchen and general eating area, where one thug is busy preparing a meal. Room a always has one thug guarding the entrance, though he is somewhat drunk and sleepy. The stairs (area e) are very worn and every step creaks (making it impossible to move silently).

The top floor has been taken over by Gorbachev (f), his bodyguard Boris (g) and Alina (h). Hidden in as secret compartment behind the fireplace in Golthar’s room are his spell books and a locked silver casket (not trapped, value 1350 drachmas) containing:

·      A carved ivory comb (500 drachmas), matching brush (750 drachmas), and a vanity mirror with platinum frame (1000 drachmas)

·      A golden seal bearing the stamp of the Iron Ring (2500 drachmas)

·      A pouch containing 5 gems (1x1000 drachmas, 4x500 drachmas)

·      A leather purse with 50 solidas and 200 drachmas

Inhabitants of the Wererats’ Hideout

Gorbachev and Alina are detailed elsewhere.

Boris: Reaver of the Iron Ring (fighter): AC3 (chain mail and shield+1); F4; hp 26; MV 90”; #AT 1 sword. Dam 1d8+2 (incl STR bonus); Save F4; ML 10; AL CE; xp 75; THACO 15 (incl STR bonus).

Treasure: silver belt buckle (75 drachmas) platinum inlaid scabbard (500 drachmas); 35 drachmas.

4 Wererats (incl Vokos): AC 7 (9): HD3*; hp 12 each; MV 120’ (40); #AT 1 bite (or 1 short sword); Dam 1d4 (or 1d6); Save F3; ML 8; AL CE; xp 50 each; THACO 17; BD 33

*Note: The wererats attack in rat form, the statistics in brackets refer to their abilities as humans. Their bite can cause lycanthropy.

Treasure: each has 2d10 drachmas and Vokos carries a leather pouch with 4 gems (value 75 drachmas each), and an engraved silver bracelet (value 150 drachmas).

2 Hounds of the Iron Ring: AC7 (leather armour); HD 1+1. Hp 6 each; MV 120’ (40’), 240’ (80’) mounted; #AT 1 short sword; Dam 1d6; Save F1; ML 12; AL CE; xp 19 each; THACO 16 (incl ferocity bonus) PSIV

Treasure: each of these hounds has a single gold earring (value 75 drachmas each).

3 thugs (fighters): AC7 (leather and shield); F1; hp 4 each; MV 120’ (40’); #AT 1 short sword; Dam 1d6; Save F1; ML 8; AL CE; xp 10 each; THACO 19.

Treasure: each thug has 2d6 drachmas.

The description is on the Secret Layer, so can be toggled on and off (along with the key.

I have yet to do the second floor, and attic.

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