Combining styles and ressources for the Cronicles of Möwendorf

Soo, we are finally back on track to tackle the last lap of THAT fantasy Campaign.

For an interlude I fleshed out a small Barony in the northern part of THE empire where a generation before another group of intrepid adventurers "retired".

As the group had to tackle some incursions of marauding soldiers during the winter month it was more a tactical game than a "real" rpg but we got our share of moments nevertheless.

This map is based on Annual 106 "Ancient Realms" with some borrowing for the coastal lines AND of course the book frame. That was not so easy.

I started with the map itself and then included it for the fitting in the book frame.

One other thing. Some of the vignettes I have captured from the original source materiel, then gimped them and put them in. Namely the vignettes for road, field, "Haus der Schamanen" and the brothel "Die Elster".

If this is a problem I can remove and change them.



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    I spotted 2 errors in the attached file. Beilturm needs to be Finkenturm and Beiler Felder is now Finkenfeld....

    Woppelense is the old name of the small Village of Wüppels, which continues to exist in the name of the Road "Woppelenser Allee"

    [by the way - if you find yourself in northern Germany in the area known as "Wangerland" visit Wüppels, an old village used to test fire canons (there was marsh around that village) and whose small church has two (IIRC) historic maps of northern Germany by Fisher.]

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