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android character with Character Artist ?

I don't remember being able to draw androids with CA.

In Starfinder androids look somewhat mettalic, if the start material is how all of them look, with maybe a dimly lit line or two on the body. Like a line of dimly lit LEDs.

Of course, I could go with Ghost in the Shell cyberized shell who look like ordinary people.

Is the Starfinder style possible ?

Thanks !


  • I am working with a gray color up on row 2 of the color selector as a metal skin.

    I'll post when I get further progress.

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    If you work with the old vector artwork instead of the newer CA3 raster artwork, you should have an easier time of modifying things. Not so pretty obviously, but allows for much more customization.

  • I'll check on that. Thanks !

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  • Strange. I apparently didn't get the CA3 clothing installed when I moved to my new computer last year. I'll have to look at my previous computer to see what I messed up.

  • A character using CA3. I have a CA3 Cold 1 symbol on top of the eye patch. I haven't looked at the Cosmographer hand held items yet to see if they fit into this. With snap on, the eye patch tried to set on either the top of the hat, or the waist, not on the eye.

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    There are a number of issues with CA3 items - sometimes even limbs - not working properly with snap. It may be worth making a list of any you find and reporting them, Jim. It's possible some may have been spotted and corrected already, but it never hurts to report these things in case no one else has.

    Looking at your drawing, the colouring of the right and left hands isn't the same. That may be because you just picked up an alternative left hand by mistake, but it might be too that some of the varicolor limbs aren't correct for this template. I found this a while ago during some experiments, and sent a list of what I'd found in. I'm not sure if they've all been amended yet. I think what I found were all with the dwarf templates though.

  • Left hand has a glove on it. I don't think its obvious either.

    I did re-download the CA3 install for my CC3+ setup just about a day or two ago. My internet provider apparently gave me good speed when I checked via, but it took over 6 hours to download the 2.9 gig installer. I put that right on Sparklight.

  • I did a repair, looks like I have a few more things available. I put a glow on his hat, and added a Cosmographer personal item to his belt opposite to the belt pouch.

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  • Wow. A relative bought me, for my this year's birthday, a book. The Lord of the Rings Deluxe edition. Hard cover, has a slip box, and maps. Wowsers.

    Not going to read the entire book this weekend, but I'll get started on it.

    The road goes on and on, sometimes catching my feet and taking me to many lands.

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    Books are the greatest gift.

  • Since Jim already hijacked his own thread by mentioning Lord of the Rings and maps, and knowing several others here are fans of such things too, I'd recommend also taking a look at the new second edition "The One Ring" RPG, recently published by Free League Publishing, as the artwork and maps for that are simply gorgeous. The main rulebook has two endpaper maps of Eriador, the primary setting for this new version of the game, while the Starter Set has two poster maps, printed back to back, again of Eriador, but a more artistic vision than in the rules, and the most detailed map of The Shire I can ever recall seeing. Both the poster maps give a hat-tip in style to the great Pauline Baynes, who did the original poster map for LotR, in collaboration with JRR Tolkien himself, and which included roundels with scenes of specific, key, places around the edge. Both the Eriador and Shire poster maps have those as well. The Starter Set descriptive book on The Shire includes further B&W maps of segments of the Shire area, while the main rulebook has detailed maps of segments of the Eriador map in its text when discussing specific places.

    I've struggled to find good-quality images for these online, unfortunately, to demonstrate what they look like, but this blog review has some very low-res versions of the Starter Set poster maps, while this one has some better res versions of just The Shire side, but largely hidden behind other stuff from the set. The second linked site does though have some shots of the books that come in the set, showing the artwork standard, and one of the segments of the Shire maps.

    Intriguingly, only one of the Eriador maps has a scale on it - and that purely using a superimposed 20-mile hex grid (only shown on one of the rulebook endpaper maps). The Shire map has a scale, but only in leagues, which is, of course, rather vague too, as there is no standard definition of a league!

  • I have too many websites as it is... 18 I think. Not all are about maps/games though. So I don't think I'll get another, but thanks for the info.

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