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[WIP] August Competition - Pappy's Pub

I'm just getting started on this, playing around with layout and textures and searching for the best symbols to use. All things are subject to change.

MonsenLoopysueJimPQuentenMythal82MapjunkieDaltonSpenceRicko Hascheroflo1


  • An excellent example of a simple corner pub. Maybe add some paths or streets to show what it's a corner of? And a trap door to a cellar where supplies are stored? (I've never seen a bar this small, but then again I don't drink.  ;) )
  • I'm feeling pretty happy with how the main floor is going so far. I've decided to add a basement to it. Still have to think about the exterior.

    @DaltonSpence Working on it. 😉

    LoopysueJimPRicko HascheAleD
  • Steps to the cellar seem a bit short. I don't know what the surroundings* of this pub are but if you put the outside door to the kitchen along the back wall next to the stove and double the length of the cellar stairs it would make more sense. Also unless there is a rising ground incline to the south there should be the same number of steps to the back door as there are to the front one. Finally the number and size of windows used should reflect the tech level of the building. 
    (* Remember these floorplans are for city buildings so the surroundings will determine where the exits can be.)
  • Thanks for the thoughts Dalton. I was hoping to add some contour to the outside landscape for the sake of interest, thus the different entry heights, but will keep your idea in mind if it doesn't pan out the way I had hoped.

  • Next round of updates.

    After looking at the original map again and noting where the chimneys and street are, I've decided to move things around a bit. I liked @DaltonSpence idea of moving the kitchen door to the side wall and had to move the chimney's to the side more. The chimney location looks wrong to me now but fits with the city roof so...blah!

    The Pub roof is on its own sheet so can be shown or hidden at will.

    Still lots to do...

  • That is very nice! Well done!

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