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Import a pre-existing world map into CC3+


I am trying to bring a pre-existing map into CC3+. I am able to create a heightmap using the likes of Wilbur, but when I generate an MDR file and try to create a new map with FT3 I end up with a tiny version of the world. Ultimately I am trying to get my existing world landmass into CC3. This world is very detailed in regards to it's coastline, etc. aso not sure how that would translate into CC3 but would still like to try. I am really just wanting the landmass and I will then add features to the landmass in CC3.

My challenge at the moment is to get it into FT to then be able to export it into CC3. I am using Wlbur to make the flat file into a heightmap. Exporting it as an MDR file and then opening that in FT3. I am leaving the default settings in FT3 when I open the elevation file, so suspect that might be where I am missing something. If I can get it into FT3 at the correct scale, then I can get it into CC3.

For example, going from this. This is my source flat file that I then take into Wilbur to generate the heightmap and save as an MDR file (using span -100 to 100):

Then opening in FT3:

Zoomed in on the small grean thing in the middle:

It has the altitudes set ok, so not a problem there (land is 328.1 ft, ocean is -328.1 ft). I know about the flipping thing so can adjust that ok. I just need to figure out how to go from this tiny version to a properly scaled version or what is the best way to go about that.

Thanks for any assistance of if there are alternatives to bringing an existing world (landmass) into CC3 without having to recreate would be greatly appreciated!


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