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Community Atlas - Ezrute - Skolt City

I am going to embark on another city extravaganza - the city of Skolt in Ezrute. I will aim for a population of 80-100,000. I won't even use Watabou, but will follow the methods of Alyssa Faden and Ralf in his new city mapping videos. (links to Alyssa Faden's here)

Here is the regional map - just the first draft

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  • Here is the beginning of the city. I have laid out contours (5 m intervals), with sandbanks in water, which determines the sea routes, and docks areas.

    I have added walls, towers and gate-houses, and the 2 main roads.

    I have indicated some of the district areas. Other districts will be elven, small folk, academic, and commercial.

    I am using a mixture of CD3A, Darkland city and SS5 (Mike Schley City).

    I am following ideas from both Ralf's Live Mapping videos and Alyssa Faden's Womtham city videos.

    Please, anyone feel to comment as I progress.

    The size is 2km x 2km for the whole map. I foresee about 8,000-12,000 buildings.

    The rationale for the city is sea trade, capital city and building materials - wood, brick, steel with associated industries, with smaller pottery and chinaware.

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    Finished the Region of Skolt. Comments please before I submit it. Large image in the gallery

  • I'd be inclined to change the roads to make their routes clearer. The dashed markers in particular are very problematic in places, especially those in the farmland areas in the southeast.

    Making the main routes (currently solid lines) a different colour - maybe red or black - and then using a different colour for the lesser routes/trails, but keeping those lines solid too (maybe a darker brown than the current solid road lines), might help.

  • Good idea. I will do that - and keep it in mind for other maps.

  • Here is the second draft of the city - the really big buildings are being placed - so far Noble, Temple, castle and arena.

    As far as the regional map is concerned, I have taken Wyvern's advice about the roads, and have submitted it to Remy Monsen for the Atlas.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator

    Skolt region map now in the atlas. Thanks for the contribution.

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