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A Country Town

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Well worked on my second city map today. I stayed with the Darklands City theme again. I decided to make the map a little larger and based on current events, I decided that the neighboring town across the river was destroyed by fire. I wanted something beside just a town so I added some farms to give the town a different feel.

Comments are always welcome and let me know what you think and how I can improve it.

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  • This is a really nice looking map! The only thing I'd have to add is that I'm not quite sure about the bright colored domes of the towers. I think they don't quite fit with the rest of the style.

    Other than that I really like it!

  • The Yellow is the default color with Darklands the Red one I put on a different sheets and made color adjustments to darken the stone work and change the dome color. The color adjustment did not work for the structure under the red dome, I will have to keep working on getting that fixed.

    Thanks for the comments and feedback

  • Very nice map. Great general layout and house / street placement.

    You might add a slight Edge Fade, Inner effect (0.5-1 map units) to the cliffs, to make them blend in a bit more.

    Chosing a slightly darker grass colour for the town area below the cliff can make the map look more dynamic.

    And the farm animals could use a bit of shadow (wall shadow or black outer glow).

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    Great map, Jeff :)

    If you are having difficulty with the domed temple building you can make a copy of it in a separate subfolder (for modified symbols) and edit it in a bitmap editor. Modified symbols can't be shared, but they often solve a few colour issues for a special map.

    You would need to copy and rename both the image and it's map file (just the VH versions) and keep the names of those files identical with one another while removing the VH suffix, then import the modified building with the Symbol Manager. Be careful not to alter the size of either image or the map file will no longer work to make the dome look round.

    An example of a renamed Temple including my own initials to indicated a modification would be...

    SD Temple aged 01.png

    SD Temple aged 01_map.png

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    Ok I made the recommended changes and added a shadow effect to the hedges and rock walls. I also changed the temple colors and toned them down a little.


    I'm changing the temple colors with RGB martix effects and / or Hue and Saturation adjustments on a separate sheet, as I don't want to edit the images themselves. The one I can't get to change is the Keep 01 symbol. I have not found a way to dark this up without editing the image itself.

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    Ah, I think I see now. The Keep 01 is the one without any shaded roof parts isn't it? That's most likely why its not responding. You could make a copy of that and make your own modified symbol as described above. It would be easier, because there's no associated map file.

  • Thanks Sue.

    I think I'll keep it the way it is. Now that I added the shadow effect to the temple which I forgot earlier and made it smaller I think the coloring works for what I'm looking for.

    The copy I posted in my gallery has an added wall and horses to the top center building to make it the stable for town visitors.

  • GlitchGlitch Traveler

    Modified symbols can't be shared, but they often solve a few colour issues for a special map.

    Is the sharing restriction due to copyright issues?

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    If you have any questions about specific symbols or fills you have modified, and which you wish to share with others, it is probably best to contact PF directly using the Licencing Questions email address on the Contact Us page:

    However, this is about giving the symbol itself away. You can use all the modified symbols and fills that you have made in your own maps, whether or not they are commercial. It's just the individual assets.

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