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Community Atlas - Ezrute - Dunor Valley - Snihovi Strahit region

Here is the final map in my series of maps using the local area style for the Dunor Valley region.

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  • Map notes for the region

    General: There is still some fertile land here, with a small farming community in the south east corner, and rolling hills stretching westwards; tundra giving way to snow fields going north; and a pine forest to the east.

    Ferists: A small hamlet, with oat fields and apple orchards, led by the half-orc hetman, Jerol Yammis. Most of the settlement’s population are half-orc, and so tend to be quarrelsome, with most disputes handled by fisticuff fights. And the results are deemed legally binding!! Fortil Gamon is a half-orc spy for the Hailstorm Orcs – see below.

    Ruined Tower: This nameless ruined tower has stood in the rolling hills since time immemorial, and its secret (entrance to a large underground ‘deserted’ warren of tunnels) is unknown.

    Mokry Sni Ice Elves: These elves are herbalists of high renown, and do offer the inhabitants of Ferists trade for food and apples (which they turn into cider infused with fragrant herbs, and resell to Ferists). They are wary of the Hailstorm Orcs, and have oaccasionally lent spearmen to the village to ward off orc raids if there is adequate warning.

    Hailstorm Orcs: These smallminded and viscous orcs are almost incapable of doing anything for themselves except hunting reindeer, and raiding Ferists for more varied foodstuffs. Their spy, Fortil Gamon, bastard son of the orc chieftain, Kralik Doomstar, passes word where the victuals are stored, especially the elven cider which they crave. They fear the spear-wielding ice elves however, and leave them unmolested. That, in turn, prevents any elf raids on their rough and tumble settlement.

    Forest Henge: A henge which is the prehistoric tomb of an ancient elf lord, who has now transformed into a wraith.

    Mt Snoildrip: This prominent mountain is the home to mountain goats, snow cats and a tribe of ice pixies who love to tease and torment the orcs. They also are the somewhat careless guardians of a hidden cave in which 6 sleeping warriors and a king lie in an enchanted sleep.

    Kerintoriz, White Dragon: The lair and treasure pile of a very old white Dragon, Kerintorix. His food is mainly the ice Bears and reindeer that travers the local area, and he does travel afar, seeking treasure from other lands – mainly to the more fertile north, though he has once flown as far south to Dunor city and relieved them of treasures. The sight of the Dragon itself encourages settlements to deliver appropriate ‘protection’ treasure. This has led the dragon to involve himself in a Draconic protection racket, in cahoots with two other dragons to the north.

    I only await some comments from my usual commentators - looking at you, @Wyvern for your always useful comments.

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  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator

    Final map for the Dunor Valley. With these Quenten has mapped the entire valley in a grid of maps in the Local Area Style. 26 maps in all.

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