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Community Atlas - Ezrute - Dunor Valley - Snihovi Vedmid region

This is another Dunor Valley map - only 2 more to go after this. A project I started almost 3 years ago is approaching completion. I hope others will be encouraged to do maps of various sites in these maps. I also hope my map notes are inspiration for adventure hooks.

Snihovi Vedmid Region - the Snow Bear Region



  • Should the Vedmid Pyramid really be supported on two obelisks quite so precariously?

    The snowy hills, frozen watercourses and lakes, plus the reindeer, could do with some kind of highlighting to help them stand out more; they're all blurring too much into their overall backgrounds currently.

    With three separate cave symbols along the cliff-line, possibly one or more should be named, or otherwise indicated as unusual (if only so Jim has a name for his next underground map of the area, obviously 😉).

  • The obelisks should be in front - thanks for brining this to my notice @Wyvern. Your other siggestions are good, and will be followed - it might be the site of my Random dungeon

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    Here is the final version with map notes, and is now sent to Remy Monsen for inclusion in the Atlas. One last Dunor Valley map to go.

    General: The region is divided into a southern grasslands with scattered coniferous forest. Bears inhabit these regions, and it is split in half by the great Vysoka cliffs. The middle third is tundra, where great hers of reindeer roam, and provide valuable skins and meat; while the northern third is snow fields, inhabited by snow foxes and Ice Bears – very valuable for their pelts, and extremely dangerous to hunt.

    Mykinlor: A small outpost, mainly as a base for fur trappers. It is a fairly wild place, and fatal pub brawls are not unheard of. It also serves as a base for rugged adventurer types who seek to investigate the notorious caverns of the Vysoka Cliffs.

    Vysoka Cliffs: An abrupt upsurge in the land, riddled with caves which reputedly lead to the deep underground caverns where dangerous monsters and fabled treasures lie. There does seem to be a lot of truth to the rumours of fabulous riches to be gained, as quite a number of adventuring bands have returned with significant booty – and often with fewer than initially entered the caves.

    The three largest caves have been named – Skarbo (treasure), Zolotty (golden) and Dorohotsiny (jewels) Caves.

    Ruyini Tower: A ruined tower, once manned by elves, who were driven out by a sudden pestilence, causing red sores to break out and eventually cover the body and lead to a painful death. Unknown to the elves, it was due to a red algal bloom that infected their food; once they left the area, there were no more outbreaks, However, quite a number of elven treasures were left behind, but the elves show no inclination to retrieve them.

    Shaslyva Elves: A settlement of not-so-reclusive Ice Elves, also in the fur trade business, as well as collectors of precious amber, and various medicinal plants that occur in the tundra here. Occasionally, some will go to Mykinlor to trade their furs and amber, and are quite adept at out-brawling the rugged types in the outpost – as well as fathering half breed children on the rough women who live in the outpost.

    Svarlyvi Elves: These Ice Elves are reclusive, and engage in very little trade, having no interest in fur-trapping, though they do collect the same medicinal plants as their neighbours. There is also a small contingent of Plains elves, who had fled the Ruyini settlement, and were taken in, reluctantly, by the Ice elves. There is tension between the two groups, and physical brawling is becoming a problem.

    Lyuti Gnolls: A large settlement of Snow Gnolls, who subsist on venison alone, and make a potent brew from the fermented blood of the reindeer they kill. They are the competitors of the fur trappers, both human and ice elf. They don’t trade the hides or furs of the Ice bears, but by their hunting them for their meat, they reduce the numbers available for the fur traders.

    Vedmid Pyramid: This brown granite stone pyramid has no entrance. Six huge obelisks, carved into the shapes of Ice Bears, lead to the southern face of the pyramid. However, its origin and purpose remain a mystery – though some have said it is the magical prison of an evil wizard, or a demon lord, or a minor God. The one thing most seem to agree on it that it is a prison, not a tomb or temple.

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