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Disputed Lands | The World of Mahdran Part 2:

This is map 2 of 4 of the mmorpg game world I am mocking up. The Disputed Lands are directly south to the previous map I showcased.

Lore Snippet: The lands with the purple flag above their castle/towns is the New Kingdom of Koehaithia. The realm is about to be liberated from the grasp of the Seseraxian Empire. However, Queen Alanis Galadwyn, has been put in a healing spell of sleep for her fatal illness, she awakes and finds her old Elven Queendom of Felthir has been replaced. She does not recognize the authority of House Cambet in Koehaith and vows to secede and protect her lands at all cost. This timing could not come at a worst time. The Crusade of the Divin'rah needs the 5 Kingdoms Unity to help extinguish the tyrannical grasp the Empire has.

Hi Res Version:

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