Community Atlas - Forlorn Archipelago - Madame Meem, Hedgewitch (Poncegraf Fief)

Here is the Hedgewitch mentioned in the Poncegraf fief - now just the first floor, attic and cellars for the Manor house, and perhaps a battlemap of the gallows, to complete this delightful fief full of holiday fun - hehehe. I had fun with Forlorn Cottage, using it for the first time


  • I have added a scale, made the webs more transparent and fixed a few things.

    I will also be doing a cellar for this shady lady

  • Beginning of the cellar - I will use Creepy Crypts annual, as well as DD3

  • 1 month later
  • Here are the map notes.

    Poncegraf Hedgewitch

    Madam Meem is outwardly a kindly old woman with a rather sickly green shade of skin, though evidently it wasn’t always that way. She is helpful with her healing skills, both for animals and humans, though she expects to be paid in kind – mainly food and items for her house.

    In fact, she has become a vindictive woman consumed with hatred for Sir Lionel. She was once the prettiest girl in the district, and so of course, took Sir Lionel’s fancy. She rejected him, so, of course, he raped her. And she ran hiding away, so of course, he chased her down and imprisoned her in his slave dungeon. And after several years of his abuse of her, she escaped, and fled to the woods. There she dyed her skin with special plants, turning it green. She disfigured her face, and tried to eat as much as she could to become fat and ugly.

    She always helps the pregnant cast-offs of Sir Lionel, and tries to find occupations for them far from the fief. When the noble Sir Lionel actually captured one of those girls and started to drag her to his ‘dungeon’, she intervened, and by using the herb magic she had mastered over the years, she temporarily blinded the lord, and so aided in the girl’s escape.

    Since then, the villagers have been very friendly towards her, but she insists of staying in her cottage in the woods. So far, Sir Lionel has no idea that she is the girl he once imprisoned – and the only one to escapes, alive that is. Nor that she was the rescuer of the maiden that also escaped him while he was dragging her back to the manor and his dungeon.

    Madam Meem (she was Mimi as a girl) is now a powerful self-taught herbal witch, and is hellbent on bringing Sir Lionel down. To this end, she had befriended the lord’s eldest child, Gabriel, and is grooming him to either kill his father, burn the manor down, or else use him as a hostage, or even kill him herself to spite the noble Sir Lionel.

    And in the cavern below her cottage, she concocts her poisons, and is also creating a golem-like monster which she intends to destroy the lord, regardless of what else the golem might destroy. 

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