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The Crusade | The World of Mahdran Part 1: (REVAMP)

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The Crusade | The World of Mahdran Part 1: (REVAMP)
I was not satisfied with the layout, fluidity of this quadrant in of itself and it didn't work well with the overall world. I had to write down what the priority was of this map and then build around that vision.

One of my goals was to make this map have the best fluidity I could with the mix and match of symbols. This is quadrant 1 of 4 and the biomes represented are transitional between taiga and temperate. The zones may come off as "patchy", that is intentional to convey a thematic unique feel for each zone. I know some folks don't understand or this style of mapping is frowned upon, but this is what I have to do to convey the intention of this map for an mmorpg.

Starting Zones have to be considered large zones because you have 3 to 4 starting races in each. To compensate for server lag, the zone must be large.

I'm designing it on a 2x2 grid and will show all 4 parts, then later combine the 4 maps into one image using photoshop.

(If you're an mmo gamer I'd love to know your thoughts)

The reason for the 2x2 grid, is that this world is actually apart of a 4x4 grid with Expansion content around it. A big issue for MMORPG game worlds is that the classic game world becomes extinct not relevant when expansions comes out. In order to mitigate that issue, is to have pockets of the classic world be gateways to other expansions making that grid block relevant for that expansion.

This grid block is meant for the Utland Moor starting zone which consists of the Rooknai humans, Crypt Elves, Korelon, and Dwarves.

**Map Legend Text**
Orange | Starting Zones
White | Wilderness
Blue | Friendly Castles/towns
Yellow | Interior/exterior dungeons
Green | Raid Campaigns
Purple | World Wonders
Red | Mountains/Seas
Gray | Expansion Zone

View Hi-res map below where you can zoom in:



  • In EQ II, there are the world globes I mentioned before.

    Some are in the original cities. Some are on the edge of a continent.

    As an example: Qeynos is an original city, and the adjoining continent is Antonica.

    You can go to the docks in that district of the city, and select Antonica as the destination. Or you can go out one of two city gates to the same continent. There are 4 tamed gryphon stations in Antonica. You can only fly to one of the other gryphon stations, or decide to not travel.

    Similar the other original city, Freeport. One world globe, and an exit out the gates onto the continent of The Commonlands.

    I don't know if this would be useful, but I have a site of screenshots of various locations, along with some decorated areas in prestige houses.

  • Oh, it is a good idea for a player to be able to save a location. That way they can go back to an interesting place. Eq uses an x, y, z system. Other MMOs I've been in didn't have that. I got lost and frustrated and quit the games without a location system.

  • FarsightX3FarsightX3 Traveler
    Hi Jim!
    Thanks for responding and thanks for the link! I'll check it out for sure! Can you only bind to one location or multiple locations in EQll?

    The vision for travel in the game world is meant to be a balance of fast and medium pace travel. One issue in modern mmo's that I find is way too much fast travel, which to me devalues a degree of immersion. There are various consistent ways to fast travel. They include:

    Consistent Fast Travel
    - Docks/ports via Thalasstic Sea
    - Wizard Spires in selected castles/towns
    - Korelonian Towers (one in each quadrant), however, players must quest to get access to this who are not playing the Korelon race.
    - Bind a location. Similar to EQ1, where you can bind yourself to any location via Campfire (wilderness) or Inn/Travel (town/castle).

    Medium Pace Travel
    - Players will have access to ground mounts at level 15
    - Run/Mount Speed Buffs

    I would say that End Game Players will have more access to fast travel if they find. Some fast travel is hidden and must be explored or unlocked.

    I will also mention that there is a compass players can have access too and a mini map in the UI if they choose.
  • Only one bind point per character in EQ/EQ II.

    And, you're welcome.

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