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Community Atlas - Forlorn Archipelago - Poncegraf Village - Church

Here is the church and parsonage for the village - and I will be doing details of both buildings.



  • I know there are a few things that need tweaking, like straightening some of the fences, fixing the fields etc. I am at a bit of a loss as to how to do the bit about the cliffs though - so the hedges don't seem to overshadow them.

  • Great style mix - love the vivid, slightly psychedelic colours and the generall mood/impression of the map.

    The only things bugging me are the entrance gate to the left-side fields (Shouldn't the posts touch the hedge?) and the right side of the main path, where there seems to be a piece of "churchyard-texture" on the right side of the path.

    Maybe some slight edge fade on the paths would also make them blend in a bit more.

  • I am at a bit of a loss as to how to do the bit about the cliffs though - so the hedges don't seem to overshadow them.

    You could try adding a new polygon of the surface fill texture above the hedges sheet, but below the cliff symbols sheet. You'd have to draw it either exactly along the outside of the hedge symbols to retain the impression and hide the hedge shadows, or draw it quite close to them, so only part of the shadow is still visible, however. The latter might look a bit oddly sharp-edged though.

    So alternatively, you might try moving the problematic hedge symbols to a new sheet with a smaller shadow effect, suggesting they're closer to the rising lower hill surface behind the cliff-line.

    You could also redraw the cliff line as shorter and lower, so the hedge shadows aren't so obviously problematic.

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    Here is, hopefully, my final rendition. I also have started on the interiors of the Parsonage and Church - I need practice on churches.

  • Here is the Parsonage. I still have to work out the scale - I may have to rescale everything from the fief downwards - I can hear Remy groan already.

  • Interesting to see the "bo(u)lder" approach you took to the hedge shadows problem 😁

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 35 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    Remy - please can we have a 'groan' button?


  • Why thank you Sue! Just getting into practice for the livestream...

  • OK, here is the map that I am now satisfied with, with the scale increased by 50%, and converted to metres. The Church is now 73 ' which seems better to me.

    Of course, the fief, and manor house, which are already in the atlas will need reconversion, but that shouldn't be a problem as only the new scaling has to be added, and as I will use the Atlas maps to do this, all Remy needs to do (I think) is just upload the corrected FCW into the Atlas.

    And the Parsonage, rescaled and finished

  • Converted to feet, I meant - did the same with the fief and Manor house, so all the scales are now reconciled.

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    The Church Floorplans are finished

  • Every grave has a stone cover? Isn't that a bit expensive for commoners? A tombstone at the head of a grave mound is more what I'd expect for most of them. The mausoleum would most likely be used by the noble family and have more than one member interred there.
  • Fair comment. I will fix.

  • For the Church, the pillar shadows could use some adjustment, as right now, they're passing over and through the walls, which is confusing.

    On the upper floor (which might benefit from labelling as such), the stained-glass window patterns thrown on the floor need adjusting, so they cover only where the wooden flooring is - where they shine into the air beyond, there should be nothing.

    Additionally, not all the windows should be showing these at all on either floor, only where the light will be shining directly through them, and that should match with where the floor shadows lie as well.

    It might be helpful to add dashed or transparent lines on the lower floor image to indicate where the upper balconies are on the lower map view.

  • Most of these comments I will do, thanks @Wyvern

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