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Community Atlas - Ezrute - Dunor Valley - Bolotni Ozera region

Here is the beginning of a series of 3 40x40 mile maps on the northern border of the Dunor Valley - this is the first. Map notes to follow after all comments taken notice of.

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  • Here are the map Notes. I have sent this to Remy for the Atlas

    General Notes:

    The central region is one of Tundra, with dry steppes in the south, and permanent snow fields in the north. The weather is cold and dry, the tundra has many small plants and nomadic wildlife, and is extremely boggy.

    Bolotni Elves: A subrace of elves who are immune to the cold, and subsist on the herds of reindeer that roam the tundra, and even venture into the snowfields to hunt the snow wolves that live there. They also tent to the small bush-like vegetation of the tundra, and in their permanent home, have magically grown tall spreading trees, with dense foliage giving protection against the winter winds. They practice a fairly strict religion built on the Three Great truths – Faith in the Ice Queen, Hospitality to all, and Reverence for all plant life. They have as their leader the IceLord, chosen by the Council of the Faithful.

    Ozera Elves: These are very similar to the Bolotni Elves, but broke away from them over disputes on the succession of leaders. They are a very religious sect, and harbour deep resentment for their Bolotni cousins. Their leader is the Hidden One, and is the direct descendant of the brother of the religion’s founder, whom the Bolotni branch overlooked as leader. Their religious practices are more austere, and they forgo eating any plant life at all, but have a totally carnivorous diet.

    Icecrusher Ogres, Sleetdriver Ogres, Blizzardlover Ogres: These Ogres are very quarrelsome among themselves and with their ogre neighbours. Like the rest of the Ogres, they steer clear of the Elven magic, but concentrate on raiding each other for food, women and just pure fun.

    Kholdeep Ravine: At the foot of a range of cliffs is a narrow deep ravine, inhabited by myriad insects, spiders, scorpions and poisonous lizards. The depths are very warm, being close to underlying lava flows. An eruption could happen at any time.

    Helmont Henge: An ancient elven structure, to which both clans of elves pay homage, and visit together in relative amity every 4 years, for animal sacrifices and athletic and hunting contests.

    Snijhinka Ruins: This was the ancient city of the snow elves before they were converted to their current faith – and those of the Faith slew those who were not, then burned the city. It is now shunned by the elves, though an Ogre Mage from the ogre tribes to the north has commenced habitation there, and is trying to manufacture beasts of larger size that will withstand the cold always, and can be used as food for the ogres, and shock cavalry against the elves. The mage, Zarindulkar, is filled with hatred for the elves. His ogre mother was raped by an elven lord – hence his magic abilities. 

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  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator

    This is now in the atlas. Thanks for the contribution Quenten.

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