The latest CC3+ update is 28 (version 3.98, released June 1st 2022). Download it from your Registration page.

Can anyone confirm the functionality of CC3+ with Crossover Mac?

I have a CC3 license from a while back that I thought I might try out again, and being that I'm a Mac user these days I tried to install it using Crossover for Mac, but unfortunately I haven't been able to successfully install it. I was thinking I might upgrade to CC3+, but I don't want to risk it unless I'm confident that the newer software will work better in Crossover than the old CC3. Crossover claims excellent support for CC3+, but the ratings are all quite old and so can't be trusted.

So I thought I'd ask you guys in case someone here uses it. Is anyone currently using the most current version of CC3+ on an M1 or M1 Max MacBook or Mac Studio using Crossover for Mac? If you're successfully using it, did you need to do anything special beyond the basic installation using the CC3+ bottle template in Crossover?


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