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Kingdom of Lilia, will be launched tomorrow for the start of an epic Pathfinder Campaign!!

Hey hey. Real life has got in the way for me and my Pathfinder group and we only had the chance to play premade oneshots/mini adventures up until now. We finally found the occasion to start a proper campaign and I decided to create the kingdom of Lilia as a starting point for the universe in which it will be located. I'd absolutely love some critiques and tips to make the map better, more pleasing to the eye (still do not know how to convey text/names of cities/important info in a clearer way!).

Thank you all in advance and hope you enjoy the map (if you'd like a copy for your own campaigns just let me know and I can give you a high rez file of the whole thing!).

The story that the map is trying to convey is one of a not too serious kingdom filled with mystery and space for funny fillers (hence why not everything is named and some names are just plain silly).

Looking forward to your critiques and tips!!

Sam :)

P.S. special thanks to loopysue for all of the free material they have posted online that I was able to take inspiration from. I would have never imagined to use multiple sheets with specific RGB matrixes and effects to achieve an awesome blend of colours which looks more natural without your examples of maps on the wordlbuilder's compendium!!!

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  • Looking good!

    Not sure whether this is intended to be more representational, or as an accurate map, for game use, but it might be useful to have a scale-bar and a north indicator, in case such things may become important later, if not necessarily right now.

    Many FRPG campaigns have grown out of one-shots, and far smaller areas than you're showing here, so I doubt you'll have many problems in that regard!

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