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First Ferraris Style Map

Here is my first attempt at doing a city in this style. I am not 100% happy with it. Part of it was that for some reason the effects were not as pronounced in my map as the sample. I increased some of the black glow and that helped make many of the effects pop.

The swamp area on the bottom left I am not happy with. Not sure if it is just me, or I am not using the tools well enough.

I think it looks OK. Overall, I would like it to look better, but I am not really sure why this map is not wowing me. Certainly I found this one of the more challenging styles to make a map with.

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  • That's a fine map.

    What don't you like about the swampy area? It looks like it might look better in a larger image, but fine at this size, too...

  • In regards to the swampy area, I think what I do not like is that it does not blend in. The border is very pronounced. The island shapes also do not look right to me. But this could all just be in my head and it look fine to everyone else.

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    It looks good to me :)

    The Ferraris Style is based on the actual Ferraris map. You might find it useful to examine the original here:

    This is just one section of marsh. Because the map was a team effort you will find other sections of marsh that will appear to be quite different because they were drawn by different cartographers.

    The Ferraris style isn't so much an artistic style, but a historical style, so there is less emphasis on things looking beautiful, and more emphasis on the resulting map looking like it might be part of the real Ferraris map.

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    @Loopysue as a side note, I want to do the Odesa region in detail using this style. The dimensions are 30,000 metres by 25,000 metres. Is that unfeasible for the style, or what? Your opinion please. Apologies, @JulianDracos

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 35 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    @Quenten I'm not really great at metric. That's 30km x 25km? It's probably rather a large area to do as a single Ferraris map being several times larger than the example map in that style. However, there are no rules about how large you are allowed to do a map, so it would only take a few minutes to create one that size and place a few fields and bushes to see what you get. There are also no rules to say that you have to use the fills and symbols at the default scale, but bear in mind that things can start to look a bit odd if you create a historical map style using everything at 10 times the size.

  • I thought it was a single person who did that style. Interesting to learn it was multiple people. I found the link useful in that it seems as though the streets are indented a bit. Perhaps the roads with a shadow are meant to mimic those roads. Still, that gives me something else to play with for the map. The swamp areas are a bit different and mine do not look any worse than at least some of the swamps I saw on the map.

    It also seems that the map is huge - like it is was for all of Belgium so I suppose someone could do a very large map with this style if they wanted to. Although since this style took me a while, I am not sure I would want to do it.

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    I believe there were in the region of 100 cartographers working on it under the general direction of Count Joseph de Ferraris. It was a while ago that I did all the research, but the info isn't too hard to find.

    Yes - as you can see from the original map it is possible to map a small country in the style. But I think that might take several years if there is only one of you doing it.

  • Sorry for derailing this thread - it is only temporary at least. I think I will be able to use the style then, though I might compromise and default the symbols and fills to 2x default. And 25x30 km = 15.5 x 18.7 miles. Get with the program, UK - you are more than halfway to metric. If Aussies, Kiwis and Irish can make the full conversion, then it is possible that the Brits can too???

    OK. no more derailing, @JulianDracos

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 35 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    I chose to stick with Imperial ;)

  • The UK needs to work to reestablish its special relationship with the US. Part of that means sticking with Imperial. That only metric the UK needs is 2L for your soda. Beyond that, just stick with normal things like pints, quarts, miles, pounds, etc.

  • Imperial is normal - god help us. I remember long division into pounds shillings and pence. Mathematical torture. At least you have both got decimal currency now. And internationally, all science and medical publications have to be in Metric. Finally, a system only two countries use (and the brits only half use) is normal??!! American 'exceptionalism'!! But I do understand that ProFantasy's biggest markets are in USA and UK, so I understand why they have imperial measures, as well as metric. I find it a headache in mapping though, because I have lost any sense of what weight is in pounds and stones, or distances in feet, yards and miles, or volumes in pints and gallons. I am 71, and Australia didn't fully convert till mid 80's, but only VERY old people have any idea about imperial, except for feet in the height of a person, nothing else - which is weird, though I sort of do it myself - ie I am 6 feet, not 182 cm.

    And when I drive in UK, and it says the speed limit is 60, I wonder why I get honked at, till I realise I am doing 60 km/hr, not 60 miles/hr!!

  • @Quenten It's an historical thing, and let's not forget CC3+'s target market is the roleplaying community and a LOT of rpg's are produced in the US...hence we will have to endure both systems...

  • Gee. In elementary school we did math in Roman numerals. One day of long division in them I have thankfully forgotten.

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