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[WIP] A metropolis

Here is a side project - a metropolis (over 100,000 pop, and over 16,000 buildings) based on the newest version of Watabou Medieval Fantasy City Generator.

First the picture generated from Watabou:

Now the version from the svg converted to dxf and put into CC3+.

And a close-up of the castle area:

Lots to do, but this took less than an hour to put into CC3+

LoopysueJimPEukalyptusNowTravellerroflo1Ricko Hasche


  • 7 days later
  • I also downloaded the JSON, and put it through the City Viewer by Watabou. Here are 2 views saved - one almost aerial view of the harbour, another showing the buildings climbing up the hill. Wish we could get a 3d version of Watabou for CC3+

    JimPMonsenRicko HascheMapjunkie
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