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Made a custom Wagner VII projection, but is there already a template available?

Is there already a Wagner VII projection template available for CC3+? I could not find one, so I fudged my own. It works, but maybe there is a better way. I used opaque polygons to cover the edges to prevent sheet effects from spilling over. The lat/long lines are a png overlay.

The map is still a work in progress. I am waffling on keeping the edge striping along with the coastal shelve highlights. I'm not sure the icecaps make sense, and I'm having trouble visualizing what they would look like on a globe.

My main question is about the Wagner template, but I'm open to any criticism on the map too. Thanks!

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  • I haven't heard of one. Rectangular, square, and a flattened icosahedron. The later a cc3+ output from ft3+.

    But someone with more knowledge could know of one.

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    There are several ready made projections available in the March issue of the 2014 Cartographer's Annual if you have it (you get to them by opening a new overland map and selecting "Pick a pre-defined template"), but none of them are Wagner VII.

    Well done - a beautiful map :)

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    Thank you. March 2014 literally has step by step instructions for what I was attempting. I did look through the annuals for projection related issues, but I guess I overlooked this. There are so many issues to review now when starting a new project. :)

    BTW, thank you, and JimP, and Monsen, and so many others for your many contributions on this forum. Your past selves have already helped me learn techniques, solve problems, and get new ideas so many times.

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