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Community Atlas - Ezrute - Dunor Valley - Mt Lodovka Region

Here is another map of Dunor Valley - only 4 maps to go to complete all the valley in the local Area Maps style.

Suggestions welcome.

LoopysueWyvernJimPItalo Dude


  • 13 days later
  • Here are the map notes, at last. This has been submitted to the Atlas.

    General Notes:

    A wild mountainous region, howling winds, severe thunderstorms and deep winter snows.

    Dirilisin: A small hamlet inhabited by frontiersmen. The main industry is hunting for furs; the main activities are hunting, drinking and f….ing – and in winter, there was no hunting!! A very lawless place. And quite a few half-breed humanoids.

    Karig-Kadul Halls (abandoned): A desolate complex of dwarven halls and mines. It was abandoned for reason unknown to many, but after a vicious war between the dwarves and local humanoids, the dwarves walled themselves in. Tears later, a small band of dwarves escaped for southern regions, and would only talk about the Hidden Fear that drove them out. The caverns are of five levels, with at least 10 deep mine pits. The main exports were diamonds, tin, copper and lead.

    Qelrilst Complex: A sacred gathering place for the local humanoids, where all rivalries are put aside. Here, human sacrifices are performed, though the supply of suitable victims has been very unreliable in later years. The solution has been to sacrifice humanoids who have been ‘problems’ in their communities. A bloody good time is had by all – except for the sacrifices, of course.

    Lake Depthless: A very deep, very cold lake. It is connected to the lowest level of Karig-Kadul, and is the home of a large vicious monster, that ‘farms’ the fish that live here, so it never starves. It is the source of the Great Hidden Fear that beset the dwarves.

    Mt Lodovka: The highest peak in the region, and at its foot, along with other mountains, are caves, many inhabited by various competing humanoid tribes.

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