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Hi. One of my favourite D&D modules is a Dragonlance two-part adventure from 1999, Seeds of Chaos / Chaos Spawn. If you are Dragonlance fans, you probably know it. Now, the Classic Dragonlance modules used to come with a set of pre-generated characters you could play, each one with D&D stats, a backstory and really good looking headshots by Diana Magnuson. In that spirit, I have created my own with CA3+ for those two adventures, based on the depiction of the characters in the modules.

It may also have contributed to me doing this the fact that I wanted to see if I could create a range of characters which were similar enough in appearance when needed (knights, wizards) and have a proper identity at the same time. I hope I made it.

Some technical details: all the faces and upper torsos were created in CA3+, slightly modified in PS, and laid out on an old paper texture with in-game details.


Also, for future reference, which character do you like the most, aesthetically speaking, and why?

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    These are very beautiful. Great work in making all the characters distinct!

    Daniel Pereda De PabloLoopysueJimP
  • I can say that Darewind I like the least. This is because there is too much gray.

    As for the most? That is hard. I keep changing my mind, but for now, I would say Heraldri. The reason being is that it seems the most 'realistic' in detail. There is natural skin tone with some colors on there giving her a more complex complication. She has a nice normal hair style that seems suitable for a fighter. Contrast her with say Hennihoya. Her hair color does not seem natural and does not go well with the complexion.

    Daniel Pereda De Pablo
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    Thanks for the feedback. Funny story about Heraldri: the scar on her left side is made with a mountain from CA 179 Peter Fenlon Revisited, some Color Key and adjusting Blend Mode. I find overland symbols quite useful when adding marks to the skin of the characters. Also, many noses are two overlapping nose symbols, Zandar the Maginificent, for example. It helps giving a more different look to each character.

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  • So, I made another one. The main cast of the DLS2: Tree Lords adventure for AD&D Dragonlance, back in the day. All the headshots were created in CA3+, with just a few minor touches in Photoshop (the freckles, for example). Enjoy!

  • And a few more, that I had promised the guys at Dragonlance Nexus to do: the unsung heroes of DLQ1 and DLQ2, AD&D Dragonlance adventures from quite some time ago. All the headshots and facial textures were created in CA3+, with just a few minor touches in Photoshop (some crooked smiles, for example). Enjoy!

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  • And the last one in the series, the main cast from AD&D DLS4 - Wild Elves. Created and texturized in CA3+ with final touches in Photoshop. It's almost 10 MB, be wi-fi wise and enjoy!

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