A Quick Stab at a New Map

On the spur of the moment, I decided I wanted an adventure to start out in a city in the clouds. So here is my first attempt to fake it.

Welcome to Coldheels.

I got the inspiration for this map from a few symbols in the Erdan Annual and other similar cities I have seen.

Everything was done in CC3. Symbols are mostly Myrk and Schley. It's the old sea background :). Once again, I think it has potential, but I am actually trying to write up the story and plan the encounters, so I am trying not to obsess about the map.

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    I have no idea what I am doing, but I know that I want my cloud city! So here is stab #2.

    So here is where my brain is going with this map. It used to belong some giants and the crystals are what keep it airborne, but the crystals are fading ... Uh-oh.

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    we need floating islands :D

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    So here is the latest edition of Coldheels.

    If this map would make a good contribution to the community atlas, I'd love to add it. I am pretty sure the map was done completely in CC3+ using assets from many catalogs, but I need to go to that thread and check out the process for submission again. Unfortunately, I have used a very slap dash method for putting it together and should probably do a lot of clean up work before I put it out there for anyone else to use.

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    Would love to see it in the community atlas. As I see it, there is just one minor hitch, there isn't any overland map that contains a spot for a floating city like this. I feel it would be a bit weird to just link any random city on the map, so I guess the challenge then goes out for anyone to make a local area map in an available region in the atlas that contains a suitable spot. (The March 2021 annual - Erdan worlds overland style has floating island symbols.)

    [Of course, maybe there already is a suitable map out there someone can point out, I can no longer remember every map in the atlas]

  • Well, it could be a floating city that never stays in one place. No idea how that would be handled link/hot spot wise though.

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    I do have a number of Cloudland areas in my Errynor maps on Alarius, which have floating settlements of various sizes and types in places, although they're cloud-based (buildings as well as the supporting structure), so the rocky base and "real" buildings here would need some additional explanation, though that wouldn't exclude it.

    The downside is I'll not be mapping any of those areas in more detail any time soon (already committed to the next of the 250 x 200 mile maps from that region, for instance).

    For Jim's idea of a floating city, maybe something like what I used for the Summer Palace of the Winter Queen maps might work? That used a limited list of random places the Palace might appear on any given day, with a sketch map of the world.

    Another possibility might be somewhere over the high-magic-using continent of Kentoria. Not sure any of the three more detailed areas done so far would be suitable, though it couldn't hurt to check. Or maybe it could simply float from place to place above Kentoria?

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    I don't want to complicate the atlas. If it doesn't fit, I am okay with that. In my mind, this is almost like a spelljamming place. It definitely is mobile, but it can also be teleported to other planes. It is the home base of a guild of heroes who travel to deal with major events throughout the multiverse. Of course, none of that is canon or true about a submitted map.



  • I'll get round to doing and Erdan style map just for this - will be about a week though as I have a very full week this week. I will probably place it in Galahais

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    I suppose I should wait until Quenten has a chance to finish the Erdan map before I put in a reservation on the community atlas thread. My plan is to go back and simplify the map in a few ways. I don't think I need every style I included in the map. I grabbed assets from different vegetation/tree, structure, and mountains at the very least--some with shadows and some without. I even pinched a few items from perspective and dungeon styles.

    I debated whether to use both the flat overland structure styles and the more isometric styles and finally decided I was too attached to the the Myrklund style to cut it. In my head, I was able to justify my map oddities because of the points of origin of some of the assets (like some of them brought their own shadows with them from their native planes).

    Anyway, I probably be testing out a few versions for critique here before submitting the final atlas version.

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