dd3+ crashing combining paths

I am attempting to create curved hallsways on my map. I create arc lengths from the edge of a previous hallway to the room i want to connect to, then convert these lines to paths. But when I attempt to combine these paths, when I hit enter, cc3 crashes. I've rebooted, i've redrawn them from scratch, I can't get this to work and I don't understand why? I've created custom rooms before, including on this map (circular room at one end). Any idea what's causing this crash?


  • Are you drawing an arc using the arc tool ? I don't think you can combine them into a path.

    Please post a copy of the fcw file so other folks can look at it.

  • It should be possible to carry out the command sequence as described Jim; you can combine arcs like this, as far as I'm aware.

    I have sometimes found, rarely, that CC3+ will crash repeatedly on a specific event for no obvious reason, and that this can be overcome by simply adjusting the view on the map slightly, and/or drawing the item after which the crash has happened in a slightly different place. If you need to change the shape of a simple polygon afterwards, it's usually easy enough to move a node or two.

    Not sure if that's what's happening here or not. If this doesn't help, then as Jim suggested, letting others more technically adept here try out your problematic FCW file might be the way forward.

  • jslaytonjslayton Mapmaker Moderator, ProFantasy

    If you have a reproducible crash, please post the drawing and the steps to make it crash, if at all possible (if you're not comfortable posting your drawing, that's fine) I haven't been able to reproduce the crash from your description, though.

  • The arc lengths at the top of the map connected to the circular room are the ones i'm speaking of. I choose convert to path, select all 4, say Do it. I then say combine paths, click the two on the left, S to swap so they combine correctly, then when i hit enter it crashes. I've tried changing what sheet they are on, I've tried deleting them and redrawing entirely, I've redrawn them off to the side larger. I've tried rebooting computer, it still crashes. :(

    Thank you for trying to help, I appreciate it!

  • As far as I can tell from the FCW file, although you have two separate arc lines for the sides of the polygon you're wanting to draw, you have multiple entities for where the straight end pieces should be, so I'm not sure which are the "4" entities you're trying to connect.

    The rectangular room that the top of the two arcs are adjacent to consists of three entities, all on the "temple area" Sheet, one on each of the BACKGROUND (FLOOR 1), BACKGROUND (FLOOR 2) and WALLS Layers.

    The corridor rectangle at the base of the arcs consists of two entities, again both on the "temple area" Sheet, with one each on the BACKGROUND (FLOOR 1) and BACKGROUND (FLOOR 2) Layers.

    Now, as far as I can tell by zooming in, your two arc lines do not connect with ANY of these five entities - or sometimes one end of one arc might, but not the other. So I think the problem may be that you're trying to create a polygon from lines that don't connect with whichever of the entities you want them to at all.

    You may find it preferable to create the polygon you need from four simple lines such as you have currently - that is, zero-width black lines - then convert those to a polygon of the appropriate fill. As long as it's on the correct Sheet, it should flow into whichever of the other polygons you need it to.

    You may want to rethink how you're drawing the map overall before that, however, as you can only apply Effects to Sheets, NOT Layers, and having all your floor and wall polygons and lines on the same Sheet means they will all look very flat, and hard to tell apart. The three Layers I've mentioned for the entities you have drawn already here would be better as Sheets, with all those Sheets on the "Temple Area" Layer - because the Layers simply act to group all these Sheets together (so you could hide everything on the Temple Area Layer simultaneously, should you choose to, for instance). Just a thought.

    Not sure if this will solve your problem, but if not, hopefully someone else will have some more useful suggestions.

  • jslaytonjslayton Mapmaker Moderator, ProFantasy

    I'm not sure what's going on here. I do as you say (CMB, pick one, pick the other one, S to swap ends, and pick the first one again), but I just get a path and no crash. Contacting tech support might have better results as they are equipped to ask questions like OS version and so on.

    This might be one of those situations where drawing a simple arc for the centerline and then using CORRIDOR (following along that centerline, clicking as needed) would be easier to do and would get you a uniform-width corridor. It would be a little less smooth than an ideal curve, of course.

  • ok thank you very much, i'll give it another shot. :)

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