Town Map for a Cthulhu Game


Put this map together for a Call of Cthulhu game, based on an actual small town. Used the 1930s street map from the Annual as a base, Photoshop for the street names, effects and highway label.

All feedback gratefully received!

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  • Not sure why you had to use Photoshop for any of this, as from the looks, the whole could have been achieved in CC3+ too. Appreciate that if you're more familiar with Photoshop, that could have been the reason though!

    Regardless, nice-looking map. Not keen on the newcomer to town though...

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  • I wound up using Photoshop largely because I was getting slowdown/partial redraws when trying to tweak the angles/positions of the custom PNGs and text (and they needed to be freeform rather than snap to grid, because of the tightness of some of the roads) - so it was pretty much a 'me and my PC thing', rather than a "CC thing".

    I've continued the development of the town by starting on the saloon/hotel I added in O03. Ominously coffin-shaped (which makes for its own challenges)... I'm using the Dracula Dossier annual for this as I love the style and it seemed thematically appropriate. Wanted to make it clear that there was decking at the front of the place, so made a custom texture to represent planks while trying to keep in-theme with the (amazing) textures in the base style.

  • Interesting time to be thinking vampires/Dracula, as 2022's the centenary of the classic F W Murnau silent movie "Nosferatu", of course. Wikipedia link for movie in case anyone needs info/a reminder on this film.

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    It is not but first thing I thought was the CoC Western setting as a bit of that takes place in NM..or maybe I am thinking of something else.. I recall a mining town and things feeding off miners in the tunnels. I love the touch of the population count.

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