Community Atlas - Dunor Valley - Mt Hasilig Region

The last square left on the bottom row. Mainly all mountains, but I have tried to make it interesting.

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  • The map notes. I have switched the location of the Hobgoblins and Orcs

    General Notes: Mt Hasilig, Mt Herenein, Mt Kleinfeld and the Grievous Deeps. These mountains are beset by howling winds that make almost musical screams in the dark winter nights. They are pocked with caves – do any connect with the mythical UnderDark? The chasm in their midst, the grievous Deeps, is also filled with a howling and moaning sound on many nights, even when there is no wind. The origin of these sounds is a mystery no one local is willing to investigate.

    Gresheim: A small hamlet, housing farmers – mainly barley and goats. The headman is a half-orc, Jarls Keinsler. His relationships with his paternal ancestors, the Stormrider orcs to the east has helped this small community continue to survive. He is looking for his 3rd wife, and has his eyes set on the pretty young daughter of the headman of the hamlet of Kologen

    Kologen: Another, even smaller hamlet. The headman is fully human with 2 sturdy sons and a very pretty daughter, Marilin. She is desired by Jarls Keinsler but she and her family do not wish for the match. They have been told in not very veiled hints, that the Stormrider orcs may withdraw their protection from the other humanoid tribes around.

    Gralich Orcs – the Stormriders: This is a fairly large settlement of almost civilized orcs, organized on strict military rules. They have formed a very effective battalion of Stormriders, and use this power to enact tribute from the two hamlets as ‘protection’ money from the other 2 tribes. In addition, the patriarch, Grasch Bonesplitter, is the grandfather of Jarls Keinsler of Gresheim, and the senior orcs desire the sexual favours of the human females – a sort of ‘unofficial’ tribute. Grasch will not take kindly to his grandson being rebuffed by Marilin.

    Skakil Hobgoblins – the Flesheaters: A savage community of crazed ochre-skinned cannabilistic humanoids, the most fierce rivals to the Stormriders. At present, they have been held at bay by the militias of both hamlets and the effective battalion of Stormrider Orcs.

    Jagalik Ogres – the Bonecrushers: This clan of brutish ogres feeds on the carcasses of mountain goats and antelopes, but is not particularly aggressive. Occasionally in the past they have joined with the Flesheaters, but after several crushing defeats at the hands of the Stormriders, they have tended to stick to goats and antelopes.

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  • I have switched the location of the Hobgoblins and Orcs

    They won't like that...⚔️💥😡

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