Suzanne DuLethar

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I've been away for a while, and I've decided to create a villain in CA3 to flex my drawing muscles. Meet Suzanne DuLethar, the half-Solamnic, half-Ergothian woman who purchased that gazebo from some time ago. By day, she is a merry entertainer, there to provide a harmless fun to those passing by park. By night, she is a powerful dark pilgrim of Takhisis, Queen of Dragons, in the D&D Dragonlance setting. She steals the hearts and secrets of those in power to further the goals of her black sovereign.

Now, I wanted to do something slightly outside my confort zone, so I tinkered a little bit with the skin tones and hairstyles and added a few color touches to the clothes to create something unique. I added a free parchment background from the Internet and a banner from the Banners and Seals annual, and presto!. Enjoy!

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    Hi again. I've added a few more characters to my portfolio. Meet the Mocking Grievers: Gobertus and Aramintha Cadith and their son, Jinan. Once a minor merchant family in the city of Tarsis, in the D&D Dragonlance setting, they have grown in power and influence thanks to their secret liaison with the Church of Hiddukel, god of lies and dishonest deals. They are now a crime sindicate hidden behind a respectable façade, no vice to0 despicable for them to entertain.

    This time, I've used the bitmap tiles from some overland styles to give some texture to the clothes via the Adjust Hue / Saturation and Blend Mode sheet effects (Pine forest for the mother, Fields for the son, Sand or Snow for the father (I cannot recall which one)). For the wrinkles, I went to Photoshop and carefully added some overlays of actual wrinkled faces with some filters to integrate them into the drawn faces of the symbol set. I like the result. Enjoy!

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