Tormel Salted Wheat Farm Encounter Maps

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Hey all. Long time. I've since deactivated my FB account and wanted to share a new set of maps I just finished in case anyone wanted to poach them. Sadly, I cannot put them in the Atlas, as they have been created using some personal fills and symbols.

Tormel Farm is located in the heart of the Salt Shaker region, where salted waters enrich the earth cultivating the special, regional Salted Wheat. One of our heroes left his family farm to join the military and left his duties to his sister, who unfortunately has been wooed by one of the big bads in my campaign and is under the influence of evil and is producing tainted wheat. Adam has resounded to destroy the farm in order to save the realm, hopefully killing Peter Unger, who took advantage of his sister and managed to marry her and take control of the Tormel Family Farm.

I wasn't sure what exactly they are planning, but i figured i'd give them a farmhouse, a silo and some fields to burn. Maybe some scarecrows to animate?

Any other ideas for some battle? I know my team WILL be using fire, as one of the players is a descendant of Asmodeus and burns everying to cinders, lol

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