Northern Europe 15.000 before present - how it might have looked like...

I somehow managed to get the data (from the source sited below) into FT3+ and then into CC3+. The map shown above is plain CC3+ output. The rivers are generated in FT3.

The conversion of the files to files that can be imported into FT3(+) and Wilbur was not as easy as for the paleo-maps (shown earlier) because the data are not provided in equirectangular coordinates...

Gowan, Evan J (2019): Global ice sheet reconstruction for the past 80000 years. PANGAEA, ,Supplement to: Gowan, Evan J; Zhang, Xu; Khosravi, Sara; Rovere, Alessio; Stocchi, Paolo; Hughes, Anna L C; Gyllencreutz, Richard; Mangerud, Jan; Svendsen, John-Inge; Lohmann, Gerrit (2021): A new global ice sheet reconstruction for the past 80 000 years. Nature Communications, 12, 1199,

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