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Missing Files

I upgraded my laptop, and at the same time upgraded from CC3 to CC3+. Now when I open my maps I have a bunch of red X's. Some because I changed the setup, but some because items that used to be in the DD3 symbol folder are now in the CC3Plus symbol folder. It looks like all the symbols moved from the program files location to the program data location. Is there a good fix for this, other than copying the item to the old location?


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator

    Check my recent blog article, it describes ways to fix Red X's.

    Do note that moving the files to the installation directory is not really a good idea, the setup with the data files in a separate directory is for a good reason. Also, maps that uses the old relative paths (starting with # meaning installation directory) should also automatically be redirected to the data directory, so it may indicate that your map didn't use proper CC3 paths in the first place, so fixing the path sin the map is a better option for the future compared to moving the files, even though it may take more effort.

  • Can I copy the symbols from my old laptop CC3 to my new CC3+ folders? The images, symbols, fill styles themselves did not change with update, did they?

    My old furniture folder for DD3 on my old laptop for example, has like 700 entries, my new one does not have anything like that many.

  • Is there a summary list of missing resources somewhere on the menu, or do I have to visual scan and select for each?

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator

    If you have custom artwork, then yea, you should copy it over. Things should work as long as the relative location inside the CC3+ data directory is the same as it was inside the original CC3+ installation directory.

  • Thanks Again.

    They are not the same, I'm guessing because the old install was CC3 and new one is CC3plus, and it looks some of the stuff moved, for example

    \Bitmaps\Tiles\Dungeon\DD3\DD3Color\Wall Cobble Grey_Lo.png moved to

    \Bitmaps\Tiles\Perspectives\Bitmap A\Wall Cobble Grey_LO.png

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator
    edited January 8

    No, nothing should have moved, everything was kept the same, just in the data directory instead of the install directory to maintain compatibility with old maps. Sometimes the same fill are part of several add-ons though, and sometimes it's just the same name, but completely different fills. The name "Wall Cobble Grey" isn't particularly unique, lots of dungeon styles include grey cobble walls, but they still differ in style.

    In this particular case, I guess it was distributed with both add-ons, because an owner of Perspectives 3 isn't guaranteed to have DD3. I have everything installed, and I have that file in both those locations.

  • I think I'm all fixed now. Not sure what happened there, but I had a bunch of images in Symbols\DD3\DD3 Color\ on my old computer which weren't on my new computer. Some in pretty much every DD3 subfolder, some folders were not present on my new computer at all, I don't remember which ones, DD3\DD3 Color\Weapons\ for sure. I was also missing _VH copies of some of the symbols. But I copied them over and I seem to be good now. Maybe I got an annual, or a bonus pack a long time ago which somehow does not show up on my registration page, I don't' know.

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