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Multisheet symbols and the Symbol Manager

So I have made a multisheet symbol. When firing up the Symbol Manager I get:

Tree01 here is the symbol in question. When I Purge, there remains only the individual sheet elements making up the composite/multisheet symbol. Is this to be expected with multisheet symbols in general, or have I goofed up?


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  • DaltonSpenceDaltonSpence Surveyor
    Accepted Answer
    I think so. It has been a long time since I used a multi-sheet symbol but Purge Symbols will check against the map for symbol references and no reference to the composite symbol is placed anywhere.
  • RalfRalf 🖼️ 16 images Mapmaker Administrator, ProFantasy
    edited January 10 Accepted Answer

    Yes, this is expected behaviour. The original symbol splits into 3 when it is placed and no actual instance of itself is placed in the map. As the Purge functions removes all symbols in the drawing that have no actual placed instance, it removes the original, and only the original.



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