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Drawing an overlay image within FT3

Is there a way to draw an overlay image within FT3? Not paint climates but draw simple lines with arrows, curves, etc.?


  • jslaytonjslayton Mapmaker Moderator, ProFantasy

    FT's image overlays are paintable with the overlay paint tool, but there are no vector tools for drawing in FT.

  • The overlay paint tools are greyed out for me though I have an overlay in my map, ready for me to start painting heh

    Time to dive into the Help


  • jslaytonjslayton Mapmaker Moderator, ProFantasy
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    The image overlay you want to paint on needs be shown as the Active Overlay on the Image Overlays window. If it's not, select the overlay you want to draw on via the Image Overlays list and click the Set Active button.

    If you have more than one overlay, overlays above the active one in the list may be hiding the visibility of any painting.

  • Step 1: Show Overlay Window

    Step 2: Click the Set Active button

  • Thanks, J

    I set the color via the typical color selection window, but when I go to paint the image, I get dark blue sea color showing instead of, for example, the dark green I selected. Also, how would I set the brush to paint the lowest altitude color say from the altitude key? It is my hope that I could paint all that in first, then select the next highest color and so on.

    Also, how to alter the brush width?

    Are instructions for this in the pdf? I'll check.


  • jslaytonjslayton Mapmaker Moderator, ProFantasy

    After you select an overlay paint tool, you should see the "Image Overlay Paintbrush Options" toolbar with height and color controls (the color control may not be visible until you mouse over it). Pick a color from the drop list to get any RGB color to paint onto the window or use Image Overlays>>Set Overlay Drawing Color to use a CC3-style color picker (hold down the Shift key to get the regular Windows RGB color picker).

    The closest that you can get to a precise color for painting is to know the RGB value for the color and enter that in one of the color pickers. One way to get the altitude onscreen at the same time as the rest of the image is to export an Equirectangular CC3+ map to get the altitude key, save that image in CC3+ as a BMP, and load that BMP as an image overlay. You can then pick colors from the altitude key using Image Overlays>>Pick Overlay Drawing Color From Screen and clicking on the overlay. You might also be able to get the results you're after by looking at the color list in Lighting and Color and reading the RGB values from there. No guarantees on getting the exact color that way, though.

    The brush size can be entered directly on the "Image Overlay Paintbrush Options" toolbar or the mouse wheel can be used to adjust the current brush size.

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