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Cosmo 3 Space Chip

edited January 2 in Show and Tell

Hello everybody. I decided to make a small space ship. This is my final version of the ship. “LRTS” stands for “long range travel ship”. any feedback is welcome.



  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator

    Looks nice. I have to admit, I am more of a symmetrical guy myself, but in space that doesn't really matter. But I am thinking a bit about that outcropping (6) between the airlocks (2). Seems to me it would get in the way when docking. No matter if you use extendable docking tubes or not, it will still be a part that will have to get closer than necessary to whatever you're docking to when you get the airlocks into position.

  • Pleasing design certainly!

    Not sure what that craft's function is though. "Long Range Travel" might suggest the need for storage/cargo space for items to be carried to and from wherever the vessel goes, or additional quarters for passengers, and maybe some kind of weaponry (although that depends heavily on the nature of your space setting, of course). Probably some storage for spares could be included whatever the case, as the name might suggest it could be a long way from help sometimes should something go wrong (even if "only" mechanical failure).

    Not seeing a problem with the airlock locations particularly. Depends whether other craft would dock with this one, perhaps, rather than this one docking with a fixed station of some kind, or indeed whether the craft's designed to dock/accept a docking module at all.

    Minor typo - "Enigne", I suspect, should be "Engine"?

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