The latest CC3+ update is 27 (version 3.97, released December 3rd 2021). Download it from your Registration page.

How do I unlock Aspect Ratio on HighSpace Maps?

I was trying to make a map in Cosmographer using the HighSpace maps. I am wanting a specific ratio. However, the size seems locked in. If I change one number, the other number changes. If after starting the map, I change the drawing size, then it also changes both values. I suspect this has to do with the aspect ratio of the backgrounds. The issue is I am not wanting to use any of those backgrounds.

What is bothering me is that I do not want to use the backgrounds. I think I can make the map using the Traveler sector map. But I am still annoyed that I cannot get around the system not permitting me to change the aspect ratio. Is there anyway I can work around this?


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