Some Traveller sub-sector maps I have done

The lines are X-Boat messenger travel lanes.

The 'other base' symbol is a sub-sector capital.

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  • These include travel restrictions. Yellow half circle is bad; air, locals, etc. red is a danger zone.

    Yes, I make up the planet names...

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  • Below is my map of the Sword Worlds subsector of the Spinward Marches circa 1120. 

    I was inspired by GURPS Traveller Classic: Sword Worlds and a project I worked on long ago which would place a deep space station in hex 1024 to allow J-2 travel between spinward and coreward arms of the Sword Worlds Confederation without going through the Border Worlds Confederation. Below is a paragraph from my original notes.
    The Bifrost Project is not a new idea by any means. Proposals for a deep space refueling station at 1024 have been bouncing around for centuries (since the Tizon Empire in fact), only to fall victim to the latest interplanetary squabble or the economic reality that only a few trade routes (Tizon to Anduril, Orcrist and Enos, Colada to Narsil and Anduril, and Joyeuse to Narsil) would benefit from the shortcut. However, the new political situation has changed the equation drastically; all eleven worlds that could use the station would now receive a increase in trade, with 26 out of 28 affected BTNs rising to at least pre 1118 levels (compare the J-2 Trade Route Tables through Excalibur and the proposed station). Recently on Gram, a consortium led by Gramstaatsbedrif and backed by the Gramihandelsbank (p.T:SW 86) has resurrected the idea, christening it "Bifrost Station" after the rainbow bridge that linked Midgard to Asgard in Norse legend.

    What I would really like is a symbol for a space station that I could put in that hex so I could draw the hypothetical J-2 trade routes that would be created.

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  • Have you looked in CosA_Traveller.fsc ?

    Be sure to have a color other than 15 to see all of them. Most are in the list in the sub-sector maps above. I don't know of any others.

    You could take one of the deck plan symbols and enlarge it so it would show up in one of the planet hexes. One of the storage symbols, vari-color, could be used for a station.

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    I was looking for something a little more bitmap like the planets in ";System\Traveller\Symbols\Traveller.FSC". (BTW how do I escape the "@" symbol in these posts so I can quote a data directory relative file path?)
  • No idea. I just copy the file explorer path.

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    @DaltonSpence wrote:

    BTW how do I escape the "@" symbol in these posts so I can quote a data directory relative file path?

    You don't need to escape it. As long as what you type don't match up to someone's forum user name, it will be left alone, like this @System\Traveller\Symbols\Traveller.FSC, and if you want the path to stand more out, apply the code formatting to it: @System\Traveller\Symbols\Traveller.FSC. Basically, just keep typing and ignore the user name auto fill suggestions.

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    I use Traveller.fsc as well.

    There are some buildings in one of the city symbols for cd3 that is something like futuristic.fsc.

    Some of those look like they could be space stations. I'm on my cell and about half asleep. I'll check later on my computer.

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    It's too bad the "Traveller Sector Import" function can't be used to import an individual subsector. I had to generate the whole sector map for the Spinward Marches to copy and paste the Sword Worlds subsector worlds into the appropriate template then redraw the political borders to the 1120 configuration. Below is my most current version of the Sword World subsector based on the map on page 22 of GURPS Traveller: Sword Worlds. Only difference is that Biter is clearly an Imperial world as per the text in the book.

    EDIT: I updated the map placing the regional boundary lines inside the hex lines. 
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  • Beater or Biter ? I'm confused.

    I create my own, and have a copy of CC3+ for the sector map, one for the sub-sector, and open another for the planet map so I can add a planet name to the FT3+ output.

  • Definitely Biter (1526) as described on page 64 of  GURPS Traveller: Sword Worlds. There are official maps for every world described in that book as seen below.

  • I ask because the map says Beater, while your post says Biter.

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    Beater (1424) and Biter (1526) are both on that map Jim.

    Nice maps Dalton and Jim.

    I had many happy gunfights times in the Spinward Marches during the Classic Traveller Era in the 80s. Our game was set around the time of the Fifth Frontier War (I seem to remember 1115 as the date).

  • Ah, I didn't see the second one.

  • Great maps, guys! I love the Traveller setting. But one thing that has always disturbed me though is the flat 2D nature of sector maps, but sometimes I suppose easy to use has to come above realism.

  • There is a star cluster on my Traveller site with 7 levels.

  • Well, I'll have to fix that. There is a 'sketch ' map of the levels here in my gallery.

  • Found it! Nice! Adding a z-axis the way you've done is an elegant solution without it becoming impossible to decipher.

  • Great maps, guys! I love the Traveller setting. But one thing that has always disturbed me though is the flat 2D nature of sector maps, but sometimes I suppose easy to use has to come above realism.

    My theory is that Jump Space is effectively 2D and cellular in nature with entry/exit points that are usually roughly a parsec apart in Real Space. I see no reason to assume one system's relative position to another in Jump Space always has anything to do with their relative positions in Real Space. (It's fake science anyway so it can work how I want it to. :) )
  • My theory is that Jump Space is effectively 2D and cellular in nature with entry/exit points that are usually roughly a parsec apart in Real Space.

    That's a great way of looking at it! I hadn't thought of that before. My over-literal brain didn't allow me to.

  • One of the inspirations for my Bifrost Project was another refueling base in the Sword Worlds Confederation:

    Bryn Avgrunn Base: A stopover base in orbit around Kolsvart, a small, sunless gas giant in interstellar space at Spinward Marches 1128.

    The Narsil discovered Kolsvart in 883 and kept its existence secret. Kolsvart could be useful for one of two purposes: making it cheaper for civilian traffic to get to and from Enos, or as a secret jump-off point for attacks at Caladbolg which would cut the Imperium’s lines of communication during times of war.

    The latter of these two functions was preferred until the Fifth Frontier War, when the Imperium discovered the base and destroyed it. The new Bryn Avgrunn Base was begun in 1119, and is concentrated entirely on making it easier for passing ships to find and exploit Kolsvart as a refueling stop. Small refueling ships staged from the base harvest gas and bring it back home to be refined for those ships that can’t use unrefined hydrogen.

    As of 1120, the base is only partially complete, with work not due to be finished until 1122 at the earliest. Large sections of the station are still exposed to vacuum and uninhabited. When finished the station will make it cheaper to jump between Enos and the Confederation, so the government hopes that trade will increase and foster closer ties between the two.

    page 78, GURPS Traveller: Sword Worlds

    Unfortunately there is no undiscovered gas giant at 1024 (I think) so all the fuel available at Bifrost Station would have to be imported (perhaps as unrefined fuel that would be refined on site). As I said earlier I would really like a small bitmap space station symbol for both this and Bryn Avgrunn Base.
  • Okay. I fixed the links, and Level 01 through level 03 pages seem to be missing. So I took out all the links to them I could find. I will try to fix those next week.

    Here is a link to Level 04 map, and it has links to the others, levels 05 through level 07.

    Here is the page that shows the overall map, and links to the ones I have pages for. Each sector/level map links to its own sub-sectors.

  • Looks like all of level 01, 02, and 03; including their sub-sector and planet maps never got put back up after my web host got hacked earlier this year.

    So, next week I'll try working on this. I had 6 sectors with sub-sectors mapped in Path 02, connects the two spiral arms in my Alternate Traveller Universe, but I'll have to put that on hold while I check and see what else is broken.

    My apologies, I thought I had fixed this 6 months ago.

  • I am finding more and more broken links and 404 pages. So I am going to stop now, and enjoy the holidays.

    The broken links and missing pages includes items I put up years ago. The hackers did a number on my Traveller site.

  • Set your worries aside for a few days. Nothing is worth ruining Christmas over.

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    You should consider setting up a system where you don't manually have to update links, that quickly becomes a chore, whether you clean up from hackers, add new pages, or just want to move your tings around a bit. For example, all the links for the community atlas navigation are generated on the fly from a simple XML file that describes the hierarchy.

    Granted, I had to write that system myself, so it is specialized to handle just the atlas.

  • The sql database is what I need to backup more often. Contained in it are the links between pages and graphics. Cron jobs are possible, but I have never done that before

  • I updated my subsector map above with some minor corrections. Rather than post the new version separately I replaced the one in the previous post. I'm debating whether I should color the partial hexes on the the spinward side of the SWC border to represent the Darrian Confederation in the neighboring subsector. It's not unclaimed space and leaving them dark might confuse issues but there is no place to put a label.
  • Why not find a copyright free image of stars from Astronomy picture of the day, and use it as a background ?

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