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After browsing the recent new entries here, I got inspired by Jim's map of The Purple Towns.

So I produced this. I was meaning to do this for a while and to use a a different style to Mike Schley's.

The map is taken from 'Stormbringer', and once again with these maps from novels, I have to think that a child did it.

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  • I luv it. Brings back so many memories, Dak. Thanks!


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    Kudos mate! That is a really good looking map of the Young Kingdoms. The 13th Age style is a great fit!

    Well, depending on which version of Stormbringer you're talking about, the majority of maps were hand drawn without the benefit of the technology we have now...

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  • Hi Jim,

    I don't know what I'm talking about! I was going off my ancient memory when deciding this map was from Stormbringer, but when I check my copy of the book it has no map in it.

    The only Elric book I seem to own with a map in it is Elric of Melnoboné, and that map seems less detailed than the one above plus some features on that map are very different eg the Serpent's Teeth.

    I have seen the map above before, so I'm thinking it may have been in the Elric RPG, which I don't own but have seen. Or, maybe it's in another product I own but can't remember which one.

    At one point I had every novel/graphic novel Moorcock had written (about 61 books) and memory being a fickle friend, seems to have confused things for me.

    When I say a child drew it it's not about the tech we have but that the maps are largely devoid of terrain features and have rivers that spring up out of nowhere, which suggests a lack of basic geography.

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  • The original nap you’re referring to is, I’m 99.9% sure, from one of Chaosium’s RPGs. And yes, back in the early days, both in RPGs and novels, maps were certainly drawn without care to real-world topography I think.

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  • I really like this map. I struggle using this style, but I really like what you have done and may have to go back and try it again.

  • I think this is excellent. Now I have to go back and read Elric again after 30 years

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