The beauty of (fake) Colli Euganei. A new WIP.

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One of my dream as GM is to set up an adventure in the place where I met most of my RPG playing friends, the city of Padova, where I went to uni... For that, I was hoping to play the RuneQuest system, for which there is an expansion dedicated to the Italian medieval time -aroun 1200- when Federico II (Federico Ruggero von Hohenstaufen), the "Stupor Mundi", ruled in Italy.

So I was thinking to set the adventure around Padova city, making the characters to meet the evil Ezzelino III da Romano, the wise mage Michael Scot and maybe Francesco d'Assisi, all real personalities that were around at that time.

A place to visit vould be the Euganean Hills, the hilly area south of Padova were nice mediaval villages, castels, wine and food are still present.

So, I decided to produce a map, with a lot of inspiration from the reality:

My idea is not to keep is realistic: the small hills will be replaced with mountains... As a medieval illustrator may have done (or not? 🤔🤷‍♂️). Many more trees and extremely less streets will be around.

So, first step is to use the map from google as a background picture to decide where to put most of the stuff (main hills, cities, main streets, and so on)

So far i just added mountains and forest. This style looks really good to me for these kind of small scale maps (this is 18x20 Km):

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