The latest CC3+ update is 27 (version 3.97, released December 3rd 2021). Download it from your Registration page.

Invalid License Key after installing update 27

How can I correct the issue of my license key with out a reinstall ?

in the midst of a couple maps and my save has been disabled.

thanx for the help

Quayuazue ... Darren


  • Contact Profantasy via your login in your account, let Tech Support know.

  • 1 month later
  • IthrilIthril Traveler

    They're not just picking on you, Quayuazue. I'm now having the same issue. I'm sure they will resolve it quickly.

    Other than this, they have always provided excellent service, and I'm grateful for the after-purchase support. I do recommend this software for anyone looking for serious mapping software who can't master, or don't want to have all the technical skill needed to do this kind of mapmaking in Photoshop or Gimp.

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 30 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    @Ithril Have you downloaded the installer today or a while back? I think (but might be wrong) that this has already been resolved.

    If you are using a fresh installer and you still have that issue, contact Tech Support.

  • IthrilIthril Traveler
    edited January 13

    I actually downloaded it back in December, installed it without issue, used the program continually afterwards, almost every day...

    And then today I start it up, and it randomly becomes an issue lol.

    I don't understand how or why. 🤷 But I've already sent a support request, so I'm sure they will address it shortly.

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