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First Completed Map, looking for feedback

After many tests, and fits and starts, over the past month I have committed myself to learning CC3+ (I first purchased CC3 back in 2015, and lack many, I bounced hard off of the CAD like interface after coming from PS like tools). Well this past month I brokedown (as my post record shows), and said, I have all the modules, time to get my money's worth, and after beginning as new campaign, I had a great excuse.

My earlier test maps were all landmasses, which went well thanks to the tutorials online, but I needed a region map. The other day, I went for it, and I am pretty happy with the results.

In the future I will make maps that are less "busy" (Somewhere I feel I am trying to "draw" a picture vs. make a map, there seems to be a fine line between the two...), but I'm making progress.

Anyway, I'm offering up my results here for some feedback, critique and advice to help my future efforts. Thanks for your consideration :)

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  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 29 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    That's a pretty good first map, NicodemusRa :)

    Only a couple of things I would recommend trying - to see if you think it improves the look or not.

    Try adjusting the white glow around the map labels to make it smaller and more opaque, but keep the fade. It's not quite working to cut out the map detail right up against the letters. It's close, but it's not quite there.

    Try reducing the size of the title just enough that the tops of the letters don't overlap the edge of the map.

  • With regards to composition, I don't find it too busy; with no colours there is only so much you can convey without placing a symbol, after all.

    I am looking for symbol slip-ups but you seem to be on top of the back-to-front way of doing things. So, yeah; fantastic first regional map, says I!

  • Thanks for feedback guys, its helpful. I have to admit that the learning curve has been steep, but I am really enjoying CC3, and this community is probably one of the best on the internet in terms of support, maturity, and energy.

    My next experiment is going to be making a town map for Briartown, so, expect some CD3 questions ;)

    Thanks again

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