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[WIP] Custom Map for Dune Boardgame

I just realized that I've been annoying everyone with my questions about my latest project without showing it to you, so here I go:

Me and my friends fell in love with the (rereleased) Dune Boardgame ( and I stumbled upon a custom map that uses the tileset of the Dune 2000 computer game ( Unfortunately it's not available to buy and its in Russian, so I decided to make one myself.

So far I just took a scan of the board and manually traced the borders of the different areas to get this:

I think it's quite apparent now what my latest questions to you all where about: As a first step and a test run I wanted to get the airplanes from the computer game and the borders between the desert areas blurry enough.

Then the lockdown was announced here in Austria, so my game group searched for a way to play it online. We found, wich allows for a custom skin, and so I thought I could adjust my map in a way that it fits this online version and so I took my WIP map above and put it in there, but I had some troubles getting it right. So I asked in their discord channel about it and posted a screenshot from my problems and got the response that they liked "my new skin". That's why the map above has already some effects on it, so I can release a skin for the online version. But enough with the tangent, back to the map itself:

While I was trying the edge fade Inner effect between two desert areas by putting them on different layers I discovered, that I didn't like the result, as it created a similar impression like a bevel effect and so it looked like the areas where all elevated. This in turn gave me the Idea to use this effect on the areas that represent mountains:

Alas it seems that more people like the "simple" version better, so my attempts to make the map fancier where in vain.

But that's ok, now I have a deeper understanding of some effects and can carry on making the map in the tileset of the computer game, as was the plan all along :)

However, as always: If any of you have ideas on how to improve the second map, I'll be glad to hear them!



  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator

    The mention of Dune and your maps make me think back to the original Dune II computer game. It set the standards for the future of the RTS genre, and provided me lots of fun in my younger days. Fond memories.

  • FersusFersus Traveler

    Dune 2 was also my first RTS and I played it a LOT. My preferred faction was Ordos. In the second to last mission I had a higher score than with any other faction in the last mission, so it wasn't even close.

    I thought about the dune 2 tilesets as well, but these are just too pixelated for a map that's supposed to be printed at some point (I'm even not sure if that's feasible with the Dune 2000 tileset, but the carryall looks good, so I have high hopes...)

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator

    Yea, the original Dune II artwork isn't much for printing or looking at these days. It's probably fine for people like us with fond memories of the original, but everyone else would be put off by them.

    Ordos was fun, but my original fav was the Harkonnen. Not as much difference between the three factions back then as in modern games, but I loved the heavier arsenal of the Harkonnen. Although the mind-influencing Ordos thingy was a bit of fun. One thing I don't miss from that old game was the inability to select more than one unit at a time, sending your army to the enemy was a chore on the later maps.

  • FersusFersus Traveler

    That's true.

    As Ordos I liked Harkonnen as well, as there was no better target for the mind altering power as the Deviator, as you could easily blow them up while they where still advancing along the other Harkonnen troops weakening them profoundly. As the mind alteration ended as soon as the unit got shot, the best one could do otherwise was just to send them to the other side of the map to delay them for a while. But the deviator was just gone and with some luck weakend or even took out an other enemy unit along them :)

    But yes: the single unit selection thing was annoying, but isn't there a reimagining of Dune 2?

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