The Celestial Forge

Hi, everyone. A new map on my ongoing fixation with the SS2 / CSUAC2 symbol sets: The Celestial Forge, a mystical site devoted to the dwarven god Reorx, forger of the world and creator of the tinkering gnomes and the industrious hill and mountain dwarves of Krynn, in the D&D Dragonlance setting. Long ago an errant wonder of the continent of Ansalon, the depravations of the Dragon Overlord Onysablet has gotten the temple stuck in Sable's Swamp, occupied by fire and earth elementals and salamanders looking to exploit the wonders of the god-given forges.

As always, CSUAC2 with a couple of new symbols custom made in PS along with the borders and usual paraphernalia. Enjoy!

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  • Dragonlance is my favorite WOTC setting, as I remember decades ago getting my hands on a softcover copy of Dragons of Autumn Twilight and smuggling it into my study room back in 1986. I was supposed to be studying for Regents Exams and instead, i was meeting the likes of my favorite misunderstood mage Raistlin, Tannis, and all the other Heroes of the Lance. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your maps. I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to even download CC3 onto my new rig and make maps in months. I'm pretty behind on the All the Annuals....but I'm surely enjoying your creations!

    Daniel Pereda De Pablo[Deleted User]
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