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can CC handle Tilesets?

I found some grafic assets I wanted to use for my recent Dune Map, but they are in the form of one big png with all the tiles next to each other. Is it possible to import such files to CC3 and add all the images directly to a catalogue?


  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 29 images Cartographer ProFantasy
    edited November 23

    Do you mean there are all kinds of different symbols, but stuck in one graphic?

    That is unusual, and not something I have ever done as a symbol set. All of ours are individual png files.

    Do you know how to use a bitmap editor to crop them into separate files?

    And as a matter of interest - what kind of app uses symbols presented all on one sheet like that? My curiosity has been snagged!

  • FersusFersus Traveler

    Many computer games used (don't now about the modern stuff ^^) tilesets to create the sprites/background needed for the game. For example:

    I always only find these as big png with all the tiles next to each other.

    As they always have the same size (for example 64x64 pixel or something) the game knows where to jump in the big picture for to get the correct reference. The only way to import this into CC I can think of is opening it in Gimp and manually extracting every tile myself, which is a bit laborious, so I thought I'd ask beforehand...

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 29 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    Ah, I see. That's probably why I haven't come across it before. The kind of graphics I make are generally much larger than that, so a full sheet of them all together would be several tens of thousands of pixels in each direction. That wouldn't really be practical for any game or app.

    You're right - you will have to cut them out of the main sheet and save them as individual symbols. I would do just one to start with - test it for resolution, colour suitablity, and so on. That way, if it doesn't suit as well as you thought it should you've only spent time doing one instead of all of them.

  • FersusFersus Traveler

    Thanks for the insight, Sue!

  • You can split up the individual tiles in GIMP using the Slice Using Guides option of The “Image” Menu. Setting up the Guides manually would be the most tedious part of it since I don't see a way of automating it for a complete grid.
  • roflo1roflo1 Traveler

    Actually... if all the tiles are the same size, you could use vips to create all the sliced images; pretty much as I explained in this comment.

  • FersusFersus Traveler

    Thanks DaltonSpence and roflo1! I will check these options out as the prospect of doing this manually is really not something I was looking forward to ^^

  • jslaytonjslayton Mapmaker Moderator, ProFantasy

    You can also the ImageMagick convert.exe program that's installed as part of CC3+ to do the slicing. Split images into tiles - ImageMagick has some suggestions for how to do that. The only advantage of using convert.exe is that it's already installed.

  • FersusFersus Traveler

    Oh nice! So there is a way of doing it with CC3+, if only with auxiliary software. Thanks jslayton!

  • FersusFersus Traveler

    The Gimp version worked like a charm! I tried this one first as I had already prepared the guide lines, since I figured I'd need those anyways for manually cutting the picture.

    One remark on for future readers: If you use Image->Slice along guides you get all the images in separate tabs, which is good if you want to work on them further, but tedious for saving. However I found out there's a second way of doing it: Filters->Web->Slice opens a menu with a few simple options, most notably image format and a path to save them to. With this method you don't get the tabs, but the pictures are saved at the specified location.

    I have other tilesets to prepare as well, so I will use the other methods for those.

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