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Borders and Glow

Hi Folks!

I'm working on a custom map for the Dune Boardgame, and was going for a more subtle approach for the borders in the desert. I was going for border lines that smoothly blend into a glow, such that the line entity vanishes into the glow. But I can't get it to work, either the glow is too dark or one can clearly see the line.

So I tried a second approach: I thought I could set up an extra Sheet with just a rectangle with the solid color of the borders and give the dessert an edge fade, such that I get a similar effect by letting the background shine through the edge fade. But the "problem" with this approach is that, of course, all desert regions are on the same sheet and so the border between two desert regions are not recognized as border.

Is there a way to suppress this behaviour without putting every desert region on a different Sheet? Or Is there a different approach and I'm just doing it wrong in general?


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