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  • I've seen a lot of your maps posted in this style. Which style is it?

  • It's basically the Watercolour Maps style from the 2019 Annual with a few changes (as in, everything is changed except for the one texture). You are essentially looking at the below structure of sheets going from back to front as per the sheet stack order we all know and love. In reality, the contour sheet (top) sits in front of the others. I put it at the top for the display because that way you also get the actual order in which each segment was done: back to front.

    As the below version demonstrates; the function of the texture is, in fact, primarily to add colour variations. Notably, the resulting distortion/irregularities has the greatest impact where gradience is achieved by way of Blur or Edge Fade, Inner - or any other sheet effect with simliar....effects :P

    So it's a sort of low effort/high impact environment - or the goal is for it to be that, at least. As further demonstrated by removing that last purple blob:

    (It's just not the same map without it, right?)

  • Thanks. Turns out I own this style, but it is buried in the dungeon instead of overland options. I will certainly play around with this style soon.

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