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Background Texture for Martian Base

I'm thinking of making a map of a base on Mars I designed for GURPS Spaceships but all the background textures for the CA147: SciFi Bases template seem to be grey stone/sand with or without craters. Most of the base is under­ground but I need red sand and stone for the background of the surface levels. Is there a bitmap texture for this already available or do I have to tint an existing stone/sand texture (and if so, how)? Here is a brief description of the base.
[Spaceships] Martian “Gas” Station

This base is a refueling station for vehicles travelling to, from, on and over Mars. It was built on a frozen underground aquafer which is mined for ice to be melted (water itself is precious here) and refined into LOH fuel (for rockets and fuel cells) and pure hydrogen for use as reaction mass, lifting gas and feedstock for producing methane (also used as reaction mass). It also sells surplus food from its domed greenhouse and hydroponics bay and serves as a trading post, clinic and government center for other settlers on the red planet.
Excess liquid oxygen from the hydrogen production is also sold for life support. 

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  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 29 images Cartographer ProFantasy
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    You could easily do that within CC3 by using an RGB Process Matrix. Here is a very ordinary colour scheme turned bright red/orange by a single matrix on the whole map. I used the Unity predefined matrix and just knocked out the blue and most of the green - emphasising the red.

    Another version that is probably closer to the colour. I used the first active matrix to turn everything grey, and the second one to turn everything a muddy pale orange. This is the result of the first matrix, followed by the result of the second one.

    You can adjust them both to give various different shades, and maybe use one set on one sheet and another set on another sheet for different grades of orange-ness and brightness. I've just used the whole map setting for a quick result.

  • roflo1roflo1 Traveler
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    You could easily do that within CC3 by using an RGB Process Matrix

    Yes. Remy does that in his video Visiting Mars (go to the 1:15:23 mark):



  • I just wanted to tint the background so I applied @Loopysue's second method matrices to the BACKGROUND sheet. I will probably have to use them on EXTERNAL* sheets as well. Not the structures though; I want them to be a regular color. (BTW, DYK a one acre dome is 235.5 feet in diameter? How long should its wall shadow be?)
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    I'd probably try to draw the "wall" shadow manually for a dome, if the dome is the main feature of the map.

    I think a regular parallelogram wall shadow would look a bit weird for a dome. Although I guess, if the sun is quite high in the sky, then a dome would cast a short shadow anyway as the peak wouldn't the really affect the length of the shadow.

    If you're going for a lower sun and longer shadows though, you should probably do a manually drawn elliptical arc shadow.

    Just do a projection sketch with a semi-circle on a flat plane and a single line for for you sun angle to see how high the ellipse peak needs to be.

    I think you'll understand what I mean, but I'll do a step-by-step if you don't. :smile:
  • I've been thinking about this (in fact it got me out of bed at 7am on a Sunday morning). Let's see; Global Sun settings are Azimuth 225º, Inclination 45º. Since the radius of the dome is 117.75 ft, the long axis of the shadow would be 166.52 ft. I created an new sheet (SHADOW DOMES) with 25% opacity below the EXTERNAL* sheets and drew a multipoly of two arcs. It looks like this.
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